Friday, May 22, 2009

A Few Little Goodies

Never let it be said that adversity keeps me from shopping! ;-) 

Gene is up and about, moving slower than usual and still tender, but he's up more than resting and weaning off the pain meds except at bedtime.  He was able to conduct training last night for the volunteer fire department he's chief of. It was good for all our spirits. Mine because he was out from under foot for a few hours and his most likely for the same reason.

I took myself down to town in my own car (which is running like a top), for just a fun shopping excursion. Honey buns and silk pieces, a great book,  and some patterns that I think will lend themselves well to woven fabric. 

My dear friend Kris also had some Harrisville Shetland wool that she was purging from her weaving stash for me as a gift.

 The roving came from Cindie at eweniquely ewe. I fell in love with the colors and when I didn't make it to guild meeting she mailed it off to me. I've been draping it about and petting it for a bit before I break into it for spinning. 

Honey buns and silk are for more prayer flags. It's nice to have a varied selection of fabrics for them. I redid the too narrow warp, making it wider and a higher sett. I've done a bit of weaving playing around with some ideas before  I start in earnest a few flags. 

The book, Designing Woven Fabric by Janet Phillips has been on back order for a while and it brightened up my week when I got the call from Web-sters that it had finally arrived. The book is an intense study of twill fabrics and is just loaded with ideas and color photos. Each fabric has a clear draft and Ms. Phillips goes into detail about the design inspiration and process. It is an expensive book at $59.95 but for me at least I am finding it worth the cost. 


  1. Don't they say "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping." Or something like that!

    I shopped today too....but for groceries and staples....duller than shopping for yarn!

    Great stuff you brought home today. Those patterns look like they'll work well!

    Interesting to hear about that book....full of twill? Are there other weaves? (You know I'm still trying to like twill....even though I know there are a lot of good things about it.)

    Glad to hear that Gene's making progress and is out and about. Getting back to normal definitely helps a situation like that!!!

    Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend!!


  2. There is very little more exciting to me than new stuff! About the only thing is finishing a project - all else in between is work that makes the excitement worth what it is! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all!

  3. I just found your blog and have added it to my list... I read back a bit, and love the somewhat dry humor ;) and photos. I hope Gene heals well, I know what you mean about not taking so many chances... far different from my (risky on horses) mis-spent youth. Good luck!

  4. Welcome Kim! A mis spent youth is almost always interesting and fun. ;-)

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Gene is doing better. You deserved that shopping excursion all things considered! :)

  6. Wow - that is quite the nice assortment of goodies you picked up today!

    Glad to hear Gene is feeling more mobile.

  7. At my knitting group today, I got to look through a copy of that Pet Projects book you referenced earlier in May.

    I have to compliment you even more on your house mouse mat. I loved it when I first saw it....and your version is nicer than the version in the book! Great job!!!

    Hope you and the kitties (and all the other beings in your house) are doing well!