Sunday, May 3, 2009

Muddy Models

Well, if it would ever stop raining I would get pics of the boys modeling their new saddle blankets, but since this is spring in Oregon that picture will have to wait. No doubt when the rain finally stops we will bypass spring all together and go directly to summer. It is one thing here it rarely is and that's humid. My sinuses kind of like the relief from the typical dry air, my hair, not so much. ;-)

The yarn softened beautifully in wet finishing. I soaked these blankets for about a half hour each in Kookaburra Wool Wash, my favorite for all woolens and fine washables.
Stuck them in the washer to spin out and waited patiently for them to dry. They are just right for my saddles and horses. I'm not a fan of over thick pads and these have a little cushioning but will mold to the horses back beautifully. My saddles have wonderful felt undersides and mostly I use a blanket to protect the saddle from sweat and help the horse stay cool by soaking up all that sweat on the back. 

 A properly placed saddle pad will have an inverted V over the withers (shoulders on the top) so that it isn't tightly laid across cause rubbing and chafing. By lifting the blanket with your hand once the saddle is set it also allows for some air flow. Saddles are built with a center channel underneath for just this purpose. Look for good wide ones! The blankets are pliable enough to allow easily for that "skooch" room and dense enough to hold it. As you can plainly see, one of the skeins of natural dark grey was a bit off. I didn't notice until I was into it and these being for me and not gift blankets, I let it go.

 It is in the endless center body of the blanket that will be under saddle. It also shows just how much these weft faced blankets use. The two dark stripes are one skein of heavy worsted weight yarn.

There is another cashmere scarf on the warping board, ready to be tied up and taken over to the Murphy loom. The knitting project is almost complete and pictures will be forthcoming PDQ.

I promised Gene I would make stuffed cabbage today, so sauce will have to get on the stove to cook early. The dogs will all come into the kitchen in hopes that there will be fallen treats. They are all SO helpful you know. 

Puck, being the smart little kitty he is, has saved himself from weathering this rainy period outside by hiding on top of the stack of hay in the barn. Yesterday morning I had to finally get up there before feeding to heave some bales down and we had a Home Alone moment. He booked down that stack lickety split. In the afternoon he was back. Starting up Bob was the catalyst for sending him out of hiding into parts unknown. No doubt he is there this morning too although I won't go searching. It's pouring rain and no need for him to get wet if he doesn't have to. I've dragged my feet enough getting out there to feed as it is. Time to get moving!


  1. The saddle blankets look fantastic! I love seeing everything you weave - being a new weaver many are hesitant - you just dive in and weave anything - reminds me of myself as a new weaver. Love it!
    Yum - cabbage rolls

  2. The saddle blankets look great!!! It's amazing how much yarn went into them - when I look at that one dark stripe and realize what it took!

    We're not having so much rain here....cloudy and threatening at some point most days....but nice and green and spring-like! (That's to get you more excited about your trip!)

    Harrisville - good call!! I love their yarn and their store and the town of Harrisville itself!!


  3. Thank you both! These blankets are not perfect but were a learning experience for the next round. In any event I am smitten with them and appreciate your kudos on them.

  4. Wow, the blankets turned out great! Those horses will parade around like royality when wearing them.

    Cabage rolls - mmmmm -it's been ages since I've had them. More like - the last time I had them was when I was a kid (I guess that is ages!). I keep telling Jim that we need a wife that can cook. We eat a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen pizzas!

  5. Love your saddle blankets and the edging detail is great.