Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hyper-Time and Murphy's Law

Hyper-time is the phenomenon that when you get closer to an event, time goes by faster.  Murphy's Law of course is the addition of monkey wrenches into what otherwise might be something well planned. So it has been these last few days on the farm.
The car is wanting another spa treatment, this time with the transmission experts, the large animal vet took up a fair amount of one day, a sick goat on another day and a few other minor unplanned events scattered here and there.
I am heading out for 3 weeks on the 21st and struggling to get everything orderly and easy to manage for Gene. Feeding instructions written out, medications split and put into daily trays for 3 weeks, the barn organized, some meals put up for him etc.
The goats need to be sheared down and a couple of the dogs before I leave. Oh, and flea treatments for both dogs and cats. Bunches of little things that I do in the normal course of a weekly planning need to all happen at once. The fact that I hate flying ramps up all the anxiety of the week or so before. I certainly won't be watching Snakes on a Plane!
There has been very little weaving going on, the cashmere scarf is almost ready to come off the loom and I was such a hopeful person I have another warp ready, but it isn't happening until I come back. 
The sock knitting will travel with me on the plane, the in progress sweater will also come but packed in the luggage.
I should get one more blog in before I head out. Should.....;-)


  1. Yep - shoulding yourself! Isn't it something how much energy it takes to go on vacation!!! Take Care of yourself as much as possible!!!

  2. I am always a crazed lunatic before vacation....something about really having a deadline does me in!

    I can't even imagine what it's like to try to make provisions for animals and a husband as well as everything else!!

    New England is really at it's spring-time best right picked a good time to visit! Good luck with all the prep! Let me know if there's anything I can do to make your visit more fun!!!


  3. LOL, by the time you finish getting ready for a vacation, you really need one. Goats have been clipped
    so that is one task off the list. YEAH!

  4. Theresa, I'm worn out just reading what you've been up to. I need to go lay down a bit!