Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cashmere for Father

Isn't that what every Dad wants in June??? The manly cashmere scarf did come off the loom and get finished, just in time to make the package out with the House Mouse Mat. No sense in Omar and Foxy not having their mat! I think I'll have to make a couple more as both Jack and Rodger thought it was just wonderful to sleep and knead on respectively. I have yarn to do a couple more of course. :-)
The scarf was done at a much tighter set than the light lavender one, 15epi and the blue stripes are actually lace weight alpaca. I love those soft sand and sea colors. Again I used fishing line as the selvage edge with good results. Next trip into town I will pick up more as I only bought small rolls of it to try. 

I am casting around for another project to put on the Barbara V loom. Haven't decided on anything at the moment. Ideas anyone?

Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes for Gene. He is up and moving about, although slowly and in short bouts. He is able to work at his computer on and off and at the bench for longer periods every day but it is still quite sore and requires a fair amount of rest. I'm sure the meds make him tired too. Nurse Pogo has been with him just about round the clock.

I have a warp wound on for a few more prayer flags. These will be smaller ones as I want to try a couple of things. In my distracted state I should have made the warp a bit bigger as I wanted to do a closer sett, but must have gotten sidetracked in thought when I was measuring it out. It still needs to be threaded and sleyed but I will weave it as is.

Puck is still slinking around, I catch glimpses of him here and there. Juno has been leaving gifts for me in the barn. Mostly bird and chipmunk parts. They do catch mice but rarely do I find evidence. I will say since I've had the two cats I have not had any evidence of mice either in the tack room or the barn proper. Horses Boo and Cooper are down to their slick summer coats with the other 3 not far behind. 
The goatie girls are roaming about getting the first good spring browse. I see them off in all directions.  Sylvie wears a bell on her collar so I can hear them once in a while racing past the house. The dogs do too and love nothing more than streaming out the side door to the pen to bark at them. Thank god we don't have close neighbors!


  1. The scarf is beautiful! Do you have a entry on the fishing line for the selvedge? That's interesting - I was wondering what brought you to it.

    Glad to hear gene is doing better. I'm sure it's a long and frustrating road!

  2. So happy to hear Gene is up and about. He will probably be sore for quite a while.

    I love the colors in your scarf!!!! I can see your selvages are very nice. Do you use fishing line like a floating selvage then pull it out when you're finished?

  3. Gene will be sore for some time but it will get better....
    Poor fella..

    When in doubt about a new warp, make some kitchen towels and perhaps use the oppotunity to try something new (colour scheme or pattern) and get full sized samples!

    Your scarf for your Dad is simply lovely.... well done.


  4. Your dad is going to get such a nice package....the cat mat was adorable, and that scarf is beautiful. In New England, scarves are always a good gift, because even if snow isn't on the ground now....we can still remember it all too clearly!

    Glad to hear that Gene is up and about. Being in pain is no fun.

    Project ideas....what's in your yarn stash? Is there anything you want for your house or to wear? Anyone you want to make gifts for? A weave structure you want to try?

    You could make a little lumbar support pillow....or heating pad thing filled with buckwheat....just in case. Maybe even out of prayer flag-like it contains prayers as well as soothing heat.

    OK, those are my long, rambling thoughts. I haven't encountered a lobster yet, but I keep walking around with my camera hoping to find one to photograph for you!


  5. Thanks all! What a wonderful supportive group of folks.
    Sue, some great suggestions. You keep looking for those big old lobsters. I know there must be some that have escaped from a fridge somewhere. :-)

  6. Ohhh - your dad will love the scarf - it's beautiful!

    I like Sue's suggestion for a lumbar support pillow. I think Gene will too. My "Bucky" (buckwheat pillow) has been a lifesaver many a time.

  7. Jennifer,

    I've seen mention of the fishing line here and there and Tim over at Hawthorne Works did a post about using line recently which was the final push. I use it as a floating selvage even on the plain weave. I had a need with the very delicate cashmere and wanted to protect the edges from abrasion so I figured I would give it a go. It's tough stuff and very slick, so pulled out of the sticky cashmere scarf with no damage or disarray.

  8. Theresa,

    I don't know if it was your question about my Toika or not, but this morning we finished sanding all of the jacks!! (I still have treadles, shafts and lamms to go - but still!)

    I used the age-old husband management technique of going outside with the dog to work on sanding. Then when he came out, I asked if he'd do 4 of them while I did another 4. Then I said "Well, what about 4 more each?" And finally....well, now there are only 4 left....let's do them too!

    Didn't Tom Sawyer do something like that with painting a fence? (He might have been so crafty that he avoided doing the work himself....I'm not that good yet!)


  9. There's the old adage of "you can lead a husband to a chore, but....." but you may well have found how to get them to do it!

    Thanks.... Susan
    who has a *large* 'honey-do' job jar and HIS mother is coming on June 2nd

  10. Wow, that's a full post. Beautiful scarf for your dad and good news on your sore but unbroken husband. I'm just thonking my forehead because I didn't think of the fishline. I've been crying to blues because of broken floating selvedges - thank you so much for mentioning that.