Monday, May 18, 2009

No Fool Like An Old Fool

Well, I should have more time on my hands than expected to blog, weave and fill that role I've always wanted to play of Nurse Ratchet.

On a lovely sunny day last week Gene felt the need to get one last paragliding flight in before I left for Massachusetts. No problem, I was tied up with an appointment with an equine nutritionist ( think feed smarter not higher cost). The car was at the spa all fixed and ready to be paid for and picked up, so husband paid for it and grabbed the keys on his way out to the flying site. We could pick it up at our leisure during the weekend.
All well and good until he nose dived crashed on take off, causing a compression fracture to one of the lumbar vertebrae. He managed to drive himself to the hospital where they so kindly put him up for the night. Of course I didn't know any of this until a call just around dark. I was expecting him to be asking if he could pick up dinner. HA! 
Well he made it home the next day on his own power, a friend zoomed me down to Ashland so I could pick up my own car once I had the only set of keys in hand and got some much needed shopping done after the patient was put to bed. The trip has been put on hold until his back heals. Estimates say 4-6 weeks before being back to 100%.

As disappointing and annoying as this all is I am grateful it is what it is.  It could have been so much worse. I have never been behind this hobby of his. As dangerous as horseback riding is, it doesn't come close to paragliding and at 51, I am oh so careful about where,when and how I ride. If one of my horses is off and cranky I'll gladly play the chicken, get off or go home as there is always another day. I am not the adrenaline junkie my husband is that's for sure! :-) I have been eyeing that paragliding wing and I am sure I could turn it into a very nice tent.....


  1. Yes - it's amazing how opposites attract isn't it? Well, at least all the major chores are done...

    My husband is presently on a bicycle for a 100 mile ride that ends with 30 miles up Mount Mitchell - the tallest peak in the Appalachian Mountains. He was up at 4:30 am this morning to get tot he starting line at 6:30. I asked him if he thought this was fun...

  2. Oh sorry to hear about your husband's injury! And your postponed trip. And your upcoming days of dealing with an injured husband. (My experience is that men might not make the best patients!)

    It's great that they're estimating that he'll be 100% in 4-6 weeks. As an aside, I do have 2 friends who fractured vertebrae and healed up well and quickly. Sending healing vibes your way!

    I'm sure this injury has mixed emotions for you....Good luck with it all!! Keep us posted....

    You'll both be in my thoughts!


  3. LOL, Sue, no he is not a good patient. Men in general seem to be a PITA when sick. But at least I purchased trip protection with my ticket which was a good thing.

    Jennifer, biking 100 miles certainly doesn't sound like fun to me either. Opposites do seem to attract and at least he won't be fussing around my kitchen making a mss for a little while.;-)

  4. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad to hear Gene's on the mend and has a good prognosis. Look at it this way - you got so much accomplished in preparation for your trip - you will have some free time to do some "Theresa stuff" - like wait on Gene! Dare I ask about the Delta? Dang.

  5. Boy, you dodged a bullet there. I hear ya and am equally aware and cautious of my limited resource, i.e., my body. Backs do wear out and two knee surgeries past a mountain bike accident make me think twice - something I should have done in the first place.

  6. Theresa, how horrible! What a blessing that it wasn't worse. My DH used to love to parachute out of airplanes, but fortunately he doesn't do that anymore.

  7. Theresa, I was going to reply to your comment but you don't have an email listed in your profile.

    We come through Ashland on our way to see my sister-in-law in Rosburg, Washington. It looks so green that I wouldn't have thought of you as having a fire risk, but as everything continues to dry up in the West.....

  8. Oh, my goodness! I hope he isn't in too much pain! I suffer with back issues and understand.

    BUT doesn't he know that this 'hobby' can kill him??? Heck, crossing the road can do that, but that's a faster way and a risk you can avoid.

    A tent sound about right.....

    So sorry about this for both of you.