Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does This Blanket Make My Butt Look Big?

It was such a nice spring day I trotted (literally) one of the male models (Cooper) out for a ride.

 We did our training trail, which is a long winding up hill climb for the first half and then a fairly steep set of trails down on the going home leg. Not a lot of wildlife visible but then again, the middle of the day with bells jingling and hooves clip-clopping along usually clears just about everyone out of the path long before we see them.

 Early mornings are best for wildlife viewing. Mid afternoons in summer prove to be wildlife loafing times.  We did have a grand time at the beginning of the ride by startling Puck out of his hiding place, Cooper was game for a little sprint but we lost him quickly as we stayed on the trail.
I did remember the camera and while pics aren't great you get an hint of the beautiful wild places we get to travel.

 The snowy ridge in the background of some of the pics is still monument area in fact along one of those ridges runs the Pacific Crest Trail. We've been poking around places below there regularly, but it is early in the riding season, neither one of us in shape for those climbs and honestly, it's really really wilderness out there and I prefer to let the baby bears get bigger, and everyone get a little more meat on them from the long winter.  That way a chubby horse and rider won't look so tempting! 


  1. "No, honey, I like you butt that big!" Best response I've heard to that question!

    Glad to see the blanket in use and thanks for the pics. It's beautiful there!

  2. Beautiful country to ride in!!! (But probably wise to let the bears get a little less hungry!!)

    Yay for the debut of the blanket! It looks great! Did it work well? Did Cooper love it?

    Maybe horses like having bit butts? So the correct answer to a human woman is "No, of course your butt doesn't look big." But to a horse....maybe "Yowza, what a giant butt" is a compliment?!


  3. Sue,

    LOL! Maybe it is, after all those Quarter horse folks love a big chunky butt on their horses.
    Cooper seemed to like his blanket, but liked the opportunity to get out and graze on some spring grass better. It worked well, stayed put didn't bunch up.


    That IS a marvelous response to that question. I'll have to file that gem away.

  4. Oh, lucky you!

    I think I fixed the comment problem on my house blog. When you have a chance, please test it out for me!

    I very much appreciate your advice. I realize that it will take some time to figure out all the details for a new kitchen, but you're right, it has to be livable in the meantime!