Monday, June 1, 2009

Off the Loom & Onto the Plane

I did indeed manage to get the prayer flags off and finished. With the different warp colors used they remind me of a plaid or madras of some sort. I also attached the bells differently and the blessing ring. The ring can be easily snipped off without any damage done to the flag itself. It's on a different colored thread for visibility.

This most likely will be the last update until I return on the 23rd of June. The farm and all the animals will be in Gene's capable hands and we talk at least once a day, usually twice. It is always bittersweet leaving though. I am homebody's home body. Other than my much enjoyed trips to town, I like being home. On the other hand, the draw of my folks and New England for a short respite from farm life is wonderful too. The days are lazy, the company and food can't be beat and there are enough furry friends in the household to ease the soul.

Bag is mostly packed and today will be spent on the few last minute things and lots of critter time before I head out in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday.

I hope all of the wonderful people that come and visit my blog regularly have a great few weeks. I'll be keeping up with your posts for sure. For those finding themselves here by some magic, please check out some of the great blogs on my list. Lots of wonderful things to read about!

To those in the Beverly MA area with pet lobsters, watch out, I am armed with butter and lemons! ;-)


  1. The prayer flags look great. I love how you took that idea and ran with it.

    Hope you have safe travels to lobster land and a wonderful visit with your family!!! (You'll be about an hour from where I live....not so far at all....for some reason I imagined that you were going to western MA.)

    And I hope Gene and the animals survive without you!!!! (Of course they're all capable and competent, but I know they'll miss you!)

    Good luck with all the last minute gathering and packing and preparing that's bound to happen!! I'm always a crazed lunatic right before I travel.


  2. I know how you feel about being a home body - especially with so much you can be doing there and with so many animals to share the time with! The prayer flags look wonderful!

    Have a great trip, Theresa! Take a little time for yourself - it'll be well worth it when you get back into the routine at home!!!

  3. I too, am the "Hermit in the woods" - I like going places but I love coming home. I know you will have a wonderful time with your folks. Be safe and have fun!
    We'll talk when you return home.

  4. I hope you've been eating tons of lobster - I'm jealous. Have a great time - hear from you when you return. Cindie

  5. I love plaids so they appeal to me.

    From one homebody to another, have a good time and a good trip!