Saturday, June 29, 2013

Roll Out the Boulders


And we'll have a barrel of fun!

 Well, sort of....Yesterday the much anticipated "hardscape" work was done. The ever reliable and expert large equipment owner/operator Joe Johnson
brought his excavator over for it's little work out.

 As usual I tried to sweet talk him into leaving it here. "We have the room Joe, we'll go out and tuck it in every night, promise." No go of course, but it is always a happy time when we see Joe. I use to board my horses at his wonderful family ranch just two miles down the road and still miss seeing him on a daily basis.

Not only did he go fetch big rocks with ease, he stopped and took the time to push and spin those rocks in place all the while helping with artistic advice.

  We had a lot of fun and while I know Joe had worked stacked up on the mountain that likely spilled into today, there was no rush here getting those boulders into the best possible position.

 And boy, can he finesse that HUGE machine.

Here is Gene with the largest of the rocks, placed perfectly, of course.

  He then dug a nice roomy hole for the tree and stuck around to help Gene get it planted.

 Boy, if machinery suffers from envy, Bob the tractor must have felt pretty low, but on our farm, he is a mighty.

After he took the big equipment over to it's next job, he delivered 3 yards of very nice topsoil. While I wined and dined with a friend over dinner in town, Gene spread the mound out for me. Today is raking dirt into place and getting some of the plantings in place before the temps again climb into the high 80's/low 90's. It was almost 100 in town. Quite the change from last week when we were still in turtlenecks and thinking about heat.

It has been a really fun week overall but to do it justice I'm going to save it all for the next post. Plus of course, there will be plants to show in their new digs...figuratively AND literally!

Parting shot: Pet Rock


  1. I love big rocks. And this last one is a honey!
    Great work done.

  2. How wonderful to have a neighbor with the big tractor...and the expertise to place large rocks!!! It's really shaping up around there!

  3. I think once you get this masterpiece all completed, it would be great for an art day so we can admire all your hard work and creative landscaping - you rock!!!....Anna

  4. Wow - it's going to look incredible!

  5. Nice hardscaping!! Tell Mr. Johnson he "did good".

  6. What a lot of progress there; so exciting! Can't wait to see more.