Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ben AND Jerry

Ha! Not quite what you were thinking huh? Please meet the new additions to the Davies clan. Ben is the brown,

 Jerry, the black.

 And this was about as close as I could get to these two little terrified boys after their earth shattering ride away from Momma and home yesterday. They each got tucked into their own crate that occupied the back of the Subaru (the OLD Subaru),  and made the hour and half ride from Hugo to the Greensprings in silent terror. Hopefully, they will grow more comfortable with me and their surroundings soon. Treats and patience have a way of doing that. These two are Kinder goats and have been wethered. Pretty cute!

The whirlwind known as life hasn't slowed down one bit since I got off the plane May 25th.  Errands off the mountain are a time sink, and there have been plenty of those! I did do a little stash building at Fabric of Vision, although the pictures came out lousy.

 Let's add in farrier appointments and a surprise visit by Pacific Power. They have been back out to survey the damage done in the rain by the crew replacing the downed tree and snapped power pole last fall. They will be fixing it all up nice in the next week or so.
Missing cats, cold weather, moving trailers and plow vehicles and downing a dead Cedar have rounded out the activities.

Last night was the closing Swig & Stitch event, a mixer at a wonderful local winery. 30 some odd sewists got together, swigged a bit and laughed a lot at Dancin Vineyard.  It was a fun night and I got home just a tad past ten. A late night for me.

Today, I'm getting some garden planning help from friend Mary, and boy, do I need it. Next week, some top soil is coming and we'll be doing boulder moving. Should be interesting.

Tonight the Holy Grail of hockey, the opening game of the Stanley Cup finals.
If you knew I was a die hard Patriots football fan, you won't be surprised to hear that
I am also a Bruins hockey fan. The light dinner is planned, the beer chilling, the schedule
cleared, because after all, it is the cup!

Parting shot: The evil rotten cat who had us worried for almost two days, back in the hood.


  1. I cannot wait to meet Ben and Jerry. Oh, and I have a little something for your sewing studio.

  2. That Darn Cat...mine does the same. I have to admit I love goats. They seem playful and tricksy. I wish I could have a goat but am getting a Glimakra instead. Oh yes I am. This weekend.

  3. Ben & Jerry are cuties - they'll warm up to you once they know you're the new mom.

  4. You sure have your work cut out for you!!! Goats and guys with power tools and the prodigal cat...when do you find time to sew? Throw in topsoil, moving a boulder...aren't you supposed to be sitting on your new deck relaxing?

  5. Love Ben and Jerry they are just too cute!