Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fleshing Out the Details

In my back home post I promised some pics and I'm ready to deliver! This one is going to be all over the map, literally and figuratively. So lets start back in the lovely city of Beverly MA. I mentioned my Dad passed on another fabulous camera to me, a Fujifilm Finepix S4200. It takes panoramic shots. I played with it the day we put BYGONE in the water. This is Beverly Harbor

as seen from Jubilee Yacht Club.

 On a side note, it was the last time I will be seeing BYGONE being launched in the spring.

 My Dad made the decision to sell her last year and she sold while I was there. We had a beautiful first ( and for me last), outing on her

 and I have some wonderful goodies to remember her by. Look for a second
"details" post.

On the home front, I have managed a little sewing. I got a couple of tops done using the current Indygo Junction pattern of choice. One done as a pullover in a very light weight Japanese cotton

 and the other a light to mid-weight cotton canvas. That wild animal print
I purchased over the winter.

 Saturday I spent cutting out some things for summer wear.

I culled a lot of tops and blouses from last summer, some stained, some I just decided I could do better, (into the Goodwill bag they went). and some after a season found themselves in the "barn wear" section of my closet.

While I was in MA I managed to piece together a simple quilt top.

 I need to get some batting and get moving on it. I'm thinking about using a thin wool. I'll have to see what's available. I have the backing fabric all ready. Maybe once the Stanley Cup playoffs are done with. ( Yes, we like hockey here too). Go Bruins!

Thank you all who commented on my back home post! It's good to hear from you all after such a long break from blogging. :)

And finally, I spent some more time with the boys outside. They have been very sweet and loving. Gene meets all their needs food and water wise, but has little time to just hang with them. They miss that. Horses can be surprisingly cuddly. Dandy likes to rest his head on my shoulder, Cooper likes to rest his forehead against my back and they both like to be sweet talked to and have those special itchy places scratched. 

Parting shots: Mane: Now you see it.

 Now you don't!


  1. naked neck!! I like it Theresa, but that's because Dandy is a sports model.

  2. Love the harbor photos and the animal print fabric! Everyone needs a little haircut for the summer which seems to have arrived instantly!

  3. Beautiful to see Beverly by the sea. My mom lived in Rockport forever (it seemed) and North Shore/Cape Ann hold me captive still.
    I lOVE that Japanese cotton!

  4. A belated welcome back home to you! Alas I took a right turn into a black hole somewhere but am catching up on reading. I love the quality of light in the pictures of your visit. Someday I will get out there to paint. Good to see your posts again as I missed them!

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip I love the pictures. You are one busy lady the tops looks great!

    Cute horse!

  6. Michelle, Dandy is handsome no matter what hair load he is carrying, but curly manes tend to shed out every so often and his is delicate and it was full of pine pitch....

    Mary, He was quite pleased you considered him the "sports" model. Nothing less would suit this redhead. ;)

    mrsmole, The North Shore area harbors are lovely and that day was particularly beautiful out on the water. Typical Southern Oregon, instant season....

    Nancy, Rockport is a wonderful fun place. So mant pretty little towns around there, Newburyport, Manchester by the Sea etc...

    Renee, My Dad bought some artwork while I was there. We enjoyed a few galleries and saw many seascapes. I thought of you. BTW, he bought a pic of a lovely little boat in the shallows, the reflections and rippling of the water is AMAZING in it.

    Julie, It was a great trip. The only part I hate is the coming and going. I swear, they could do better with air travel.