Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Gems

While I'm visiting home, one corner of my room is devoted to treasure.  This stuff usually ends up being shipped since I am an excellent hunter and gatherer. ;-)  Last year it was the metal lobster, this year a varied assortment of some great clothes saved from the cleaning and organizing purge, (Thank you Mom, I love the Burberry trench coat!), and a fair amount of saved boat booty.

My Dad was going to let his hand woven rugs go with the sold boat. I was incredulous!

What do these people care about the time and effort put into making these for BYGONE a few years ago? So when he asked if I wanted the rugs. it was a resounding YES! I mean how many people can point to two beauties and say their Dad wove them? Not many, and they are little pieces of art in and of themselves. In the attic was a wheel from the previous boat. I know I can do something with that, if only to trigger fond memories of visits past. Yet to be photographed is some spectacular art pieces that came off of BYGONE. Soon, I have to get them up. Then of course, the extra set of towels that were on the boat and in my bathroom colors of yellow and greens, trinkets, all weather gear for Gene and this year a fun wind chime was waiting on the dresser for me, likely picked up at a boat show by a thoughtful parent.

 It is tuned to sound like the Boothbay Harbor buoy. It takes a stiff wind to ring it but when it does, you would think you were off the coast of Maine.

It has been a terribly busy last week and I now know how Goldilocks felt! I have been scouting out new cars. When I bought my Subaru Outback in 2001 there wasn't much choice for smaller vehicles in AWD or 4WD. You could get a truck or a big SUV. Now everyone has a smaller SUV type vehicle or crossover.  I looked at Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and of course, Subaru. In the end, the Subaru was still the best fit for me.

 It is more car like but with excellent clearance ( and really good AWD), has the generous cargo room, the "just right" comfortable seats and the lower, closer to the ground feel. I do so love a station wagon, the original dual purpose car.

 I have to give a shout out to Cascade Auto Group/Subaru in Klamath Falls and Will Newman in particular for low/no pressure sales, excellent online quotes and a perfect buying experience in general. How many times can you say that about a car dealership? I swear, at some of the dealerships I felt like I needed salesmen proof armour, spells against the dark arts or maybe a spray to repel them like mosquito's...;) We opted to keep the old ride too.

 It's nice to have an extra car for those messy jobs, when the main one needs service or just to do duty up here on the mountain for the mail runs.

The week was not without some sewing though. Two little tops made it to completion, both from stash fabric. The A-line tank is made from the leftover red jacket lining.


 The  two tone blues are silk from a sari and sash I was given years ago.

 The fabric was a bugger to work with I might add.

There is still scads of the lighter teal and it will be heading into Mary's stash the next time I see her. I think I've stuffed enough into this one post for now...

Parting shot: Cooper, an original all terrain ride!


  1. Theresa, you bought my car!! That is exactly like mine, same color and everything, we are twins! I hope you enjoy it. Looks like you found some wonderful treasures, and are glad to be home...Anna H

  2. Cooper is giving you such a flirty look...what is he thinking? Love your new car, and the treasures from back East are special. Not only are they reminders of your first home, but your Dad wove those rugs. Amazing.

  3. Theresa, you bought my Subie model, only difference is the color -- mine is blue and has all the bells and whistles. Love my Subie and I see you do love yours too! The rugs your Father wove for the boat are really special, I am glad you brought them home to enjoy.

  4. Aren't you the lucky duck!!! Those rugs are lovely...and your Dad wove them! LOVE the new car!

  5. Your blue blouse takes my breath away! Even using scraps it turned out superb! Why don't you wear it Tuesday?

  6. Cooper has such cute bangs for summer :-)

  7. The rugs are fantastic and so is that silk top! I have to say I agree with you about station wagons. Pity they lost popularity.