Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sunglasses Ready?

Because we have some bright fabrics coming up. Both are versions of the Simple Tunic from Bold & Beautiful by Habibe Acikgoz.  The book contains 15 patterns and most I like. Some would need alterations to make them work for me. If I haven't said before, these are loose, unstructured designs. Not to everyone's taste or aesthetic, little shaping or tailoring, but if the layered look (Lagenlook) appeals to you, this is good value for the money.

The first top I did in red linen, and cut pretty much to the pattern. I didn't do the tails on this one as I wasn't sure I liked them. Instead I sewed them together to make a standard seam.

The second I did do the tails and I do like them better. The top hangs better. I also lengthened it, or maybe I should say made a shallower curve.

 To this one I added a fun and useful little pocket using the orange linen and an accent fabric in grey and white.

 I love orange so I am quite comfortable wearing this almost neon color even out of hunting season!

I also want to showcase a lovely little quilted piece gifted to me by Judy over at Fundamentally Fiber.

 It arrived while I was on my trip hence the delay. Boy, this woman can quilt ( and quite the weaver too!), the piecing on this Mariner's Compass is perfection. The colors just beautiful, and it will get top billing in my sewing area for inspiration. Thank you Judy, so very much. You didn't need to do it but I love that you did.

This past weekend, I had a plant scavenger hunt. Mary had made a list of all the plants that would work on our trip to the local nursery. I had done a little homework on some additional plants and some phone scouting for certain types/cultivars and of course, price shopping. I hit a number of places, some had specific plants that others didn't have, some had better prices and some had better looking plants. It took 3 trips,everything but the specimen tree and a few shrubs are home. The new car got it's first real dual duty work out. The dirt and rock work hopefully will happen Thursday or Friday and I can start getting these plants in on Saturday.  Gene has started in on the final stages to complete the deck. The top rail is on and the cables will go in as time allows.

And how about those Bruins! I swear, I have got to make myself something fun in gold and black. Win or lose, if you like hockey this series is showcasing some great playing from both sides.

Parting shot: Whatchadoing?


  1. I love those tunics and I love that orange too! I'm a yellow lover too and wear it often but many don't like it or orange.

  2. Love your tops, especially the orange one, that is a favorite color of mine also..Anna

  3. Hunting season=safety orange. I love both and lust after the orange and grey ensemble.

  4. I love that top! What a fun feature (and so nice that you'll be able to wear it this Fall! LOL) I think I'll take another look at that book.

  5. You always add such cute details. I'm going to find that book, because yet again, you have inspired my sewing!