Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What, No Game 7?

But hockey fans were treated to 6 nail biters at least. Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks. You played some very fine hockey indeed. That goes for the Boston Bruins too.  Tuukka, I'm still naming the next dog after you! :)
Now I suppose it really is time for the boys of summer to take center stage, but for the life of me, I just can't seem to get excited about baseball. In fact, other than the pay checks it seems to me baseball players themselves aren't particularly excited about baseball. Hockey, football, and basketball players all really seem to love their sport, they smile, they get excited, they act like a team. Baseball players, not so much. They practice spitting and rarely look happy to be sitting there. Oh well, football season starts in early August, I can survive a month and a half. :) Heaven knows, there is plenty to do.

Here are the plants waiting for dirt and rock work.

 They have been sitting there for over a week and other than a test nipping of one of the Bayberry's, the deer have not bothered with them. They have been picked out not only for their importance in the small landscape garden, but for their (hopefully) deer resistance.

There are 3 Bayberry bushes. Not to be confused with Barberry. Bayberry berries are boiled and the wax used to scent candles. Three Mugho Pines, which will be kept trimmed to remain low and a Curly Top Cypress, round out the evergreens. A Witch Hazel, variety "Diane", Pieris variety Mountain Fire, two wild variety roses, "Rosa Rugosa", one a white double and the other a close to wild cultivar with a single pink flower. They have beautiful, large hips. Two additional Arctic Willows, a common variety Lilac, basic light purple, single flowers, 3 Kinnikinnick, a low growing native which hopefully will provide interest over some of the boulders that will be moved into place, lavender and some low growing Shasta Daisies. The single specimen tree, which you don't see here (the roses are not pictured in the group either), is a Paper Bark Maple. No doubt there will be additions once the foundation plants get in and we see the space for real instead of just on paper. I promise individual pics when it is all planted. I want to try out the Panorama option again on the Fuji camera too!

The sewing room has been busy. Miss Bea had a rough week and a half, off her food and lackluster. At 17 she is starting to suffer renal problems and I stuck close to home while we started her on medications and tried to kick start her appetite again. She will be going on a special diet this week from Royal Canin. Fingers crossed she will eat it because she has absolutely no intentions of eating Hill's KD Science diet! But the fabric stash certainly was depleted while I worried and watched my little blonde bombshell for signs of improvement!  The Simple Tunic was cut in voile and color blocked.

The flowers are actually rather angry looking insects, but a pretty print overall in unusual colors.

 A Decades of Style top was completed in some fun cottons. I even did the fancy cuff treatment on this one.

 Both tops are paired with newly sewn linen pants in a summery Sea foam color. Lastly, this working muslin of the Bold & Beautiful Kimono Jacket.

 It was fun and challenging.

 She uses some interesting construction approaches, coupled with the sparse unadorned directions and it made for a real concentrated effort.

 And so worth it. I think it has gained "favorite garment to date" status. I want one of these in black and have been saving some fine black linen for something special. A match made. Sunday I went on a cutting frenzy and got 6 other items cut out, mostly for fall.

And speaking of fall, I know summer must arrive at some point, but it has been cool and rainy here, a very unusual patch of weather for us. We even had the heat on for a day and a night. I'm told though, that by weeks end, temps will be back to normal...hot!

Parting shot: Ain't no way to hide those begging eyes....


  1. What a totally productive few weeks! I'm happy to see that your new plants are surviving the deer. Tell Miss Bea that she must try to eat just a little :-( Love your sewing projects, your fabrics are always a surprise! I am breathless over the Bold and Beautiful Kimono Jacket and cannot wait to see it in person.

    I will not comment about your maligning baseball.

  2. Love the latest sewing. Who makes the Bold and Beautiful Kimono Jacket - I love it.

    Unseasonable weather but perfect for all that planting you have to do.

  3. Good luck with Miss Bea's appetite. Mom has the same kind of issues with Ruth, her 14 1/2 year old bull terrier. We have found that just the hint of a treat on top can sometimes be enough to get her started eating, and then the bowl is empty. She was particularly fond of the skin off the salmon I barbecued last week.

  4. I'm sending positive vibes for Miss Bea! Sometimes we all just get stuck in our ways!!! Loads of sewing going on.....looks good!

  5. Lots of loose casual clothes...good for you and for the summer if it ever returns! Like Cindie, I'll ask where did you find the Kimono pattern? Is your paper bark birch tree red? Our birch has the most gorgeous rusty bark that peels off and all your plants are our favorites too although we buy them not for deer avoidance but for their beauty and simplicity.

  6. Prayers for Miss Bea.
    I swear no animal likes the Science diet diet.
    We are stuck in a fuggy soupy system here, too much rain and humidity but it's green!