Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sizzle and Pop

Summer is a horrid time to be planting, but this is the time we have so we use it.

The minute I got all the plants in the temps zoomed into the nineties. Of course. Then, the deer snacked on some of the "deer resistant" plants, namely the witch hazel,

 the pieris and the roses

took a nipping. Gene immediately put wire cages around them all.

I will say the majority has been ignored or tasted only. The corner Bayberry took more than a couple of nips but it obviously wasn't to their liking so far. The pieris is to the bottom right pre-nipping.

 The cypress,

 pines and the lavender

 all are untouched as is the maple tree and the Bearberry.

The Shasta daisies also repelled them well. I have added in the last few days, a smaller variety of Mock Orange ( these are my back-ups if the pieris and witch hazel fall to deer in the end),

 hummingbird mint and 3 varieties of thyme.  This one is Woolly Thyme.

 The hummingbird mint (Agastache) with its bright orange flowers look positively amazing next to the cool blue of the lavender and this is a grouping I will repeat in the garden.

 We are filling in with some of the "jewelry" and while flower and color is important to the eye, for me, scent is equally exciting.  Plants that don't have a scent better be pretty exciting otherwise. The thyme, lavender,bayberry, hummingbird mint and mock orange all offer up something beautiful on the breeze. A couple of small creeping phlox have been put in over rocks, one hot pink, the other cool blue. It's shaping up well even with our high heat.

In sewing news, not much, a woven Tee shirt completed, Grainline Studio's Scout Tee is a winner right out of the box so to speak.

 This is a PDF pattern and well drafted and who doesn't need a go to t shirt pattern? A holy grail for me at least as I both am not find of knits and those I do find are just not good quality. Good cotton jersey fabric is hard to find.

Miss Bea is day to day. Sometimes she eats, sometimes she doesn't. We are trying a different medication today to stimulate her appetite. While she is not 100% she is enjoying walks, rides in the car, and engaged in daily activities. I won't give up as she hasn't,
so we'll muddle along for a while yet.

Parting shot: A very full lap indeed.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful Theresa, nice work. I also like your sewing machine cover - how clever, I might have to try it!....Anna

  2. "We" did such a nice job on the garden! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the Scout tee you made, and I thin it is a pattern which calls out for fun fabrics. Give Miss Bea a kiss for me.

  3. It's looking great outside! I don't know about all the plants but you mentioned but I do know the deer think roses are the yummiest treats - good to cage them.

  4. Isn't it funny - I think it would be so cool to have deer feasting in a garden, and yet you are trying to plant anti-deer plants. But then again, we do the same in our garden and vege beds to avoid wallabies (kangaroo's, koalas and ring tailed possums - here's to the different countries we all live in!
    And love your Tshirt - I also am a huge fan of a well made, good fabric T!

  5. I've never heard of hummingbird mint, but will now be on the look out for it. That is a very full lap, indeed!

  6. Hope that Miss Bea is on the mend! Love the hummingbird mint, need to go and search for it. Love the new garden, very pretty as is your wonderful new porch!

  7. The garden is lovely, Theresa. So balanced and calm. I agree with you re. woven tops vs knits. I wear knit things at home all the time but prefer a cotton top when I go out - the heat! Am a fan of the Scout tee and pocket tank, and also the Wiksten tank. Have you tried it? Really comfy, a little fuller and longer cut like the Scout tee.

  8. You know I fantasize about your life- the sewing, the lovely garden, the lap full of hounds......I don't fantasize about all the effort tho- just the gorgeous results!

  9. prttynpnk, You know I fantasize about your stash! :)

    Coco, I will have to check out the Wiksten tank.I know there is another popular pattern too...Tova Tunic?

    Martha, She is relatively comfortable, but there is no going back from renal failure. We are enjoying the deck a lot.

    Maggie, It does take a little searching out here, hope you find some in your area!

    Judith, Now seeing wallabies and koalas THAT would be something. We refer to our deer as pasture rats....I can't write anything else I call them here. Either side of the world, our poor gardens are under siege!

    Cindie, Maybe you should take a drive up and see for yourself??? The road isn't THAT bad!

    Mary, Scout does = lots of options and fun. Bea gets many kisses per day and I have dedicated a portion of them to you. She says, ham and sliced roast beef go a long way too...;)

    Anna, maybe in the fall we'll do a little afternoon lunch or tea?

  10. we just planted some agastache too :) the humming birds were sampling the very first day! your parting shot made me smile because it is a common view in our house as well with our two chihuahuas:)