Monday, July 22, 2013

Liking July-Not So Much

Summer is never my favorite time of year and this July has been trying to say the least.
In fact, this post finds very little joy in it. In late June Pilot, one of my parents lovely Golden Retrievers was diagnosed with lymphoma. Yesterday, he was put to sleep. I got the teary phone call early in my day, although I'm sure it seemed liked the longest day ever back in Massachusetts.

 Pilot was a big sweet handsome goober of a Golden, polite, friendly and the canine equivalent of a Teddy Bear. Never pushy, but always close enough to receive a pet or a cuddle should you so desire. I know he will be greatly missed, not only by my parents and myself but also by his companion since puppyhood, Marigold.

On the home front,we've had our own challenges. Bea continues to try me with her on again, off again eating habits. Otherwise she is spunky for a 17 year old, and if she thinks she might get a car ride, is right there by the front door, looking hopeful. I'm sad to say, it has been WAY too hot to do anything more than a drive around locally with the A/C blasting.

Stella also has been off her game. With her, we are battling a deep seated infection behind her eye. Likely a result of a small pocket of resistant infection traveling from the dental extraction site two weeks ago. Could have even been brewing before too. And yes, she was on antibiotics pre-surgery. In any event, I won't go into details of how ghastly the eye looks. But we are keeping fingers crossed that while the swelling goes down on heavy duty antibiotics the retina doesn't detach (resulting in blindness and loss of the eye). Not that Stella wouldn't wear a patch with panache, but we'd like to keep all the parts working thank you very much! ;)

The temps have been running in the high 90's here. I know many people would scoff at that, but for us, it's hot, and dry. REALLY dry and still only July. The garden is about as stressed as I am, maybe more so. The heat just makes everything a little harder, a little slower.  This too shall pass I know, but for now, our hearts are heavy.

Parting shot: Calliope Hummingbirds in a rare sharing moment.


  1. Oh dear, the news on the your home front is difficult. I send you lots of good karma and warm thoughts hoping that Bea, Stella and Marigold are all going to be fine. Best wishes.

  2. I second what Thistle Rose says. May the days get cooler and life less stressful.

  3. Oh so sad - it's so hard to lose our pets, I feel for your parents, you and Marigold. I hope your 'kids' start doing better too.

    And yes the heat is way too much here - we escaped to the coast for a very short weekend but it helped....but now back in the heat...

  4. So sorry to hear of the sad news of all the animals. I know how difficult it is to deal with the illnesses of our pets. I hope all is better soon, and I am sending you healing and loving energy....Anna

  5. You're really getting hammered, and my heart goes out to you, Theresa!

  6. You are carrying a lot of grief and worry-stay as gentle with yourself as possible. Poor Marigold, and your parents...they will be lonely for awhile.

  7. So sad when dear pets die especially the very polite ones who respect your property and just want to be loved. Your nursing skills have really been tried lately with your own pups too. Down her in the valley every afternoon has been hovering 100 or surpassing at 103 and the veggies are putting up a real battle to stay hydrated and upright...whew...they can turn the heat down any time now!

  8. Martha, Thank you for any good karma you are sending our way. It helps!!!

    LOTL, thank you too! And good to hear from you.

    Cindie, The heat is just awful, but maybe some relief after today. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts. Things are getting better and next post there will be updates.

    Anna, Thank you and I know being another pet lover and owner, you know just how frustrating it can be to deal with these things.

    Michelle, It feels that way sometimes, but we all have "stuff"we have to deal with. How is your Dad doing?

    Mary-wise words, I'll do a little pampering when we turn the corner..Soon!

    joannely. It is sad and even the less than polite ones are sorely missed. I make a terrible nurse for humans, but the animals and I seem to manage quite well. The valley must be positively awful by late afternoon.