Friday, July 12, 2013

Portable Magic

Stephen King is quoted as saying that books are portable magic and I would have to heartily agree. I am mostly listing what books I enjoyed, a thorough synopsis can always be found on Amazon. So without further delay, let's get to the recent magic.

"Tell the Wolves I'm Home" by Carol Rifka Brunt. A story about family, loss and coming of age all wrapped up into one wonderful thoughtful package.  This was my travel read on the plane and I don't think I could have done much better. I found myself wrapped up in the lives of the two sisters and the flight passed almost in the blink of an eye...ALMOST!

I read a lot of period mysteries while I was in New England. I save them up in my wish list and allow myself some serial reading. C.S. Harris's enjoyable Sebastian St. Cyr are set in London in the early 1800's.  I am always kept guessing until the end.

In the same vein, Mel Starr also has a great series of historical mysteries. The Hugh de Singleton - Surgeon collection is so engrossing. The crimes well thought out, the period details exacting as to what was known about forensics in the mid 1300's and the writing
puts you right there. I stayed up quite late a few nights with this author and read each book in the series. They are all good!

Next up was "Wool-Omnibus Edition" by Hugh Howey who took me into a post apocalyptic future and what a ride it was. The story was imaginative, intense and almost impossible to put down. If you only allow yourself one fiction book off this list, make it THIS ONE!

For non-fiction, I again visited with my old friend Paul Theroux on his travels. Finally his books are available on Kindle and I downloaded "Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown. I was not disappointed. I never am getting to go on these off the beaten path journey's with Mr Theroux. In fact, I always wish he'd go on more, but I suppose he does need to spend some time writing.  Like "The Great Railway Bazaar", when he revisited his route years later in "Ghost Train to the Eastern Star",  Mr. Theroux has a new journey out advancing his Cairo to Capetown trip. " The Last Train to Zona Verde: My Ultimate African Safari" came out in May of this year and is a first rate continuation of his 2004
Dark Star Safari. Paul Theroux is now 72. I don't know how many more travels we'll go on together, but I hope for a few more at least. There isn't a journey yet he's gone on that I wouldn't want to come along for. Truly, portable magic!

Parting shot: Handsome male Rufous Hummingbird.


  1. Thanks for the book recommendations Theresa. I am slowly working my way through Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. The history and intrique in the court of Henry VIII.

  2. i adore a good mystery(preferably one that i dont solve by the 3rd page) lovely little hummer :) they have been active in my fushias and agastache :) hope your new garden is flourishing in this fab july weather!

  3. Michelle, Thank you! The hummers are challenging.

    Mary, I loved Wolf Hall but it takes time to ingest it all.

    Heather, I'm with you on mysteries. I like guessing and being tricked sometimes. The garden is doing well with most plants seeming to thrive.

  4. Oh, thanks for reading updates. I ordered the Wool Omnibus-Edition, trip coming up tomorrow, was looking for a read. Just finished a re-read of the Old Patagonian Express, love P. Theroux. Nothing better than a settle in with one of his books. I feel the same way about Graham Greene, Patrick O'Brian, and John Le Carre. I'll have to try the surgeon series, sounds like something I might enjoy! Also just finished Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel. Enjoyed thoroughly, looking forward to her next, as the story does not end with Bring Up the Bodies. Pretty bird.