Monday, July 8, 2013

Peek-A-Boo, I See You!

SCORE! Last night, one of the fox family appeared and was comfortable enough for me to grab my camera and get some pictures. Of course the low levels of light at dusk and the distance between deck and fox at the garden edge didn't make any shots easy, let alone sharp ones, but here's what I got using the zoom and flash. Thank heavens she didn't feel the need to watch me the whole time. Talk about glowing orbs of light!

I'm assuming this is the female being the smaller of the two. She was picking up sunflower seeds that had been scattered for some of the ground birds. The juncos like to pick seed and in the early evenings I often toss a handful or two out for them.  I was pretty darn excited to see her.

 I had not had a clear look see at any fox for what seemed like weeks. Now if I could only catch a glimpse of those kits......

In the sewing room, the second linen Scout Tee has been completed and I love it. It took some time to add the little extra touches; pocket, flower details, sleeve hem etc. but it's worth it.

 I mean I sew because I like custom clothing. It certainly isn't cheaper to do so when you consider an off the rack top from China can be bought for as little as $10.00. I'm also finding, that while I love many cottons, cottons made specifically for shirting, last longer.
DUH! The linen pieces I made from last year and the year before, going strong.

 This year I have selected more linen and finer or heavier cottons for my garments. As older tops fade and wear, I am taking them out of rotation. My tastes have changed too.

 I'm enjoying many more independent pattern company offerings than the big 4. I have the Archer Shirt printed down for myself waiting for a go and another selection from Bold & Beautiful earmarked for some lovely rose colored linen.

And I'll be painting this summer. I picked up some samples for our dining alcove and back hallway. The back hallway especially takes a beating with the dogs coming and going through it. I swear, on a wet day, each one waits until they hit the hallway to shake and splatter! And no, I haven't forgotten the book post, but foxes trump books almost every time!

Parting shot: Contentment in the lap of luxury. ;)


  1. Lucky Lady!!! It's a treat just to catch a glimpse of a fox...but you have pictures!!

  2. Nice photos. Do you ever worry about the foxes and dogs interacting? We have coyotes, but they seem to stay away. One can hear them from time to time serenading the moon or each other.

    I looked up the Bold and Beautiful book and have added it to my wish list. I like your choice of fabrics. The details you add are great.

  3. Great photos! That's amazing that she let you get so close to take them. I love wearing linen, it just feels so good when the weather gets hot and it looks good year after year. Enjoy your sewing!

  4. What a treat to get the shots of Ms. Fox. She looks healthy and obviously loves the sunflower seeds. Love your sleeve hems, pocket and flower on the Scout tee, and cannot wait to try the pattern.

  5. Getting caught up on reading your blog. Besides how great your landscaping looks, I have to agree about your hand crafted clothes. Nothing that comes off a rack is as tasteful and well made as what you make! Interesting shots of the fox too. I need a camera in our chicken coop to see what's getting our chicks.

  6. That book looks like a page by page wish list of lineny comfy clothes for you! WOW! the foxy photos!!! So cool! Very chic tunic and I look forward to the Archer shirt!