Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three Ring Circus

Oh heavens, Robin is not the prim perfect puppy Stella was THAT'S for sure. Not since Fat Sam was a puppy so good and easy. Not that Robin is bad, he's just more outspoken, shall we say, about the way things are being run here.

There is a fair amount of Stella in him though and a lot of Robin we need to get to know.

Dennett soldiers on, slower and maybe a little fussier. Sleep cradles him about 20 hours out of every day, but when he's up he's up. We still do our daily "crawl" and there is enough moxie in him still to sass at me, especially when it's toe nail clipping time. He can take that paw back at lightening speed still. But we don't live by dog alone, although it may seem so.

On the sewing front, BR (before Robin) I did get a few things made up. This is the very emerald linen/rayon blend you saw in one of the previous pics. It became a wearable muslin for one of the HotPatterns pants patterns. I can't say that every one of their tops has been a winner, but the pants sure have.

Very few changes needed on these. They fit well and I can see this pattern making some yummy and comfortable chinos. Maybe a pair out of baby wale corduroy?

Next up I finally used some fabric that had been in my stash since 1995. Seriously, this was a reissue of a vintage French fabric and when it came out I bought 3 yards of it. It was expensive then, around $20.00 per yard and it is a beautiful tightly woven cotton, like a heavy percale. I used it for the Petite Plus Pattern Yoked Blouse.

The assembly went smoothly. The two things that caused me problems on the first blouse ( sleeve set and yoke) went off without a hitch. The fit, as with all the PPP's so far, is perfect. I added some cute flower trim to the sleeves just for something a little special since it was hard cutting into this fabric. I am oh so glad I did.

I have done a very little weaving because I have been using my usual weaving time to ride, and I've had some nice ones. It's time consuming getting everyone into shape. Dandy is really out of shape. He went on a handful of rides last year and has lost a ton of muscle along his back. Slow workouts for him, lots of hill work, a fair amount of trot work and miles of good walking. Cooper is just tubby and we need to condition him back up too. Nick needs remedial steering work. Rather than put Imp under saddle I've decided to sell him. I only have so many hours in the day and barely have time for keeping the three rideable horses familiar with saddle and bridle let alone putting in the work on a green horse. The horse market is tough, I'm just hoping to find him a great home.

Parting shot: I'm Just as Cute as Stella


LA said...

It's hard to resist a JR...they just look too cute! You've gotten a lot of sewing done when you're not riding the range. Good for you!

ladyoftheloom said...

I want a new wardrobe of pants. I guess I better get busy. None of my current pants fit AT ALL. Too much knitting...not enough walking.

I don't want a new puppy but I love to look at yours.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

oh how I love baby pix......of the canine variety!

great blouse!

Anonymous said...

Robin is darling! Would love to see pictures of him and Stella together - the size difference would be fun to see.

Michelle said...

Wish I had the space, money and time to bring Imp along. Still hoping to find a home for Russell, but probably need to wait until I can start at least walking him. My word verification is "drout;" certainly has been a riding drought around here. It really hit me when we rode ATVs with my dad on Sunday. I wanted to be on a HORSE!

Julie said...

I new puppy I've been away to long! He is very cute and I'm loving all the new clothes your making!

Leigh said...

He is so cute! I can't even properly admire your pants pattern or your beautiful vintage French fabric blouse. He is so cute!

Long Ridge Farm said...

oo la la, love that French fabric!
but oh, Robin...whatever else you are you are too cute!
Sidney sends his understanding to Dennett...let him know Sidney is living the same days. They have distant company.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Absolutely just as cute!!!!!