Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Every Winner

There is a loser in sports and so it was last night in Vancouver. I hoped for the best and planned for the worst and was very happily surprised. It was a fantastic series, all heart stopping seven games of it. Congratulations Boston Bruins! And congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks, for bringing so much blood, sweat and tears. "Almost" is tough.

On other news, I am feeling much better and have been enjoying these late spring days
riding as much as I can. Come the weekend I'll have more stuff to report on, but for now this is it.

Parting shot: Eye See You


Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Great pic!
Glad you're feeling better and have made it outside in the (finally) beautiful weather we're having.

Susan said...

I think both teams are winners for getting to where they were. Its a tough slog! Then two months of playoffs takes a toll mentally and physically as well...
The Canucks were clearly tired and lost their season long drive and focus.

Boston was the more focused team and deserve the cup. Great come back from behind! (amazing goalie!)

As for the yahoos who burned the city. Biggest losers EVER. While I understand the drive to support a sports team (any kind) its the fanatical foaming I don't understand! Its a game, for entertainment! its not like old Rome and the gladiatorial games where some one dies!

Keep getting well... and now back to weaving and real Life!

... that's a beautiful eye by the way...

Leigh said...

Love that parting shot. :) I'm sorry to hear you've had a cold but so glad you're doing better. We're Flyers fans here so when they were out, the interest stopped. Terrible, isn't it!