Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Size Does NOT Fit All

I am too ashamed to even include pictures. Not since the vest from a bad Star Trek clone movie was made have I produced such a complete wadder ( wadder=something that hangs at the back of your closet/drawer/laundry basket never to be worn or see the light of day). An alternate title might have been Pride Goeth Before a Fall...
Coming off a wonderfully successful knit pattern for a cross over T shirt (which looks and fits perfectly and is on its way to becoming a TNT pattern).

I cut into some expensive slinky knit and a different pattern. Oh I should have just slapped myself silly! I know better. Three hours later I had a very expensive wadder. It was so bad I cut it all apart and will selvage what I can for a tank top. There were a couple of silver linings though. The first is the Pfaff sewing machine handles knits better than ANYTHING I have ever sewn on. The second is it sent me back down to the looms for some weaving. I was having a grand time there too until I broke a floating selvage on the overshot pattern. The runner is of a size I don't have a temple for, so I need to repair it and work up a temple with some weights and alligator clips to get me by.

Speaking of (or writing as the case may be), one size, I learned again one food does not suit all puppies. Poor Robin has had quite the on again, off again battle with the runs. He has been checked out 9 ways from Sunday, not a worm, not a bit of bacteria, no fever, nothing. So it was time I took some action and the first thing I did was look at the food. Wellness makes an excellent quality puppy food but sometimes, no matter how good a food is, it just doesn't settle with a particular pups tummy. It was time for a change and that's what we did. I've switched him over to Halo and hoping that this suits him better, seems to so far, but we are weaning off the rice and bland cooked chicken slowly. Of course he is still a playful mischievous puppy.

He has climbed up the training ladder and has his sleeping crate in the bedroom now. We have a couple of peeps when he first goes in and then, like the smart little tyke he is, he curls up for night. He is also learning to wear a collar, something Stella abhorred.
He is much easier about it than she was.

Parting shots: Happiness is a Warm Puppy, even for an old cat...;)


LA said...

So sorry about the knit fabric....we all have had that happen. LOVE the precious pile-up picture!!!

ladyoftheloom said...

Sorry about the crossover top, it sure does look good in the picture.

Poor wee Robin!

Michelle said...

I think you need to get a puppy every year, just for our viewing enjoyment! ;-)

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

I can't believe you have an equal to Stella in being photogenic!

Anonymous said...

My son's puppy had the same reaction to food and he had to go through a few brands to find the right one. The colour of that fabric is lovely - at least you will get something out of it.

Anonymous said...

The top looks lovely in the pictures, sorry it did not make the grade for you. All the work - for nothing! Love the puppy tummy! The sleeping pile is awesome!

Renee said...

Oh my goodness, Robin is just way too cute. I have had similar problems with my 11 year old Twill. She was on Wellness Senior. Switching to another non-senior food.
Oh the pain of wadders! I will have you know though that I have been so inspired by your sewing (not to mention my thrift store clothes are just about rags now) that I have actually started sewing again! I got my first top cut out this evening. I have vowed to spend one hour an evening when not out socializing sewing some much needed clothes. Cheers!

Long Ridge Farm said... do you get such pictures?! priceless.
we had a sheltie who had awful stomach issues and she loved Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, but her thing was throwing up. The food worked! Why do they always mess on a carpet rather than the hardwood floor?

Sharon said...

Those are the best happiness pictures ever! Sorry about the sewing project - it happens. The next one will be better!