Friday, June 24, 2011


It's no secret I like multiples of things. A lot of times it's curiosity, the greener grass on the other side. Other times, I like something so much, I need to have more than one. Hence the many animals that call Camp Runamuck home.

I have 3 floor looms and each has a purpose, although right now they all share a single goal, to get working! I won't tell you exactly how many sewing machines I have in the stable right now (some will be moved along), but it will come as no surprise that another one has shown up. Yep, I was so impressed with the Pfaff my folks bought I needed to find one for myself with the wonderful IDT/dual feed system.

I have been stalking eBay since I returned home and finally, an affordable option presented itself. An older (early to mid 90's) Pfaff Varimatic 6091, also known as the Stretch & Jeans machine. This was a precursor to my folks machine, mechanical with a limited array of standard utility stitches

and the coveted IDT system.

It was like brand new coming out of the box. If it had more than 3 hours of sewing time on it, I would be surprised. Here it has already produced a little summer top out of a skirt I decided to recycle and has another shirt in process.

It's wonderful and I can go forth into the world of silks and other slippery fabrics with a new found confidence. That top feed foot, which works in perfect union with the lower feed dogs is such a boon with fussy piecing or difficult fabrics. The motor is smooth and the piercing power is excellent. It will go through multiple layers of heavy fabrics and the feed system is strong enough to move it all along perfectly

So too arrived some patterns I found on sale.

Hotpatterns are expensive. These were a tad over $5 each at, the Kwiksew patterns are both for knits. I really, really need to get my chops up in that department and find some good go to patterns for tees and tops.

Robin continues to wiggle his way into our hearts. He is a sweet puppy, less pushy than Stella and quite mellow with the other dogs. He isn't seen hanging off Uncle Smoochie's cheek or biting his ears. Smoochie, as always, is being the wonderful tolerant uncle he was to Stella. They all like to curl up together. Robin is much kinder to the cat but he does save some of his puppy energy for big sis Stella, which is only fitting as far as I am concerned. Payback! He is finally going into his crate at night quietly. Nothing like a schedule and some backbone to get that one important training aid done. I don't crate him during the day when I am home and can watch him, but at night he has to learn to sleep through quiet and clean. We're on our way! He had his first puppy check up Tuesday. He is 8 weeks, 3.8lbs, born on April 28 and very good about getting his nails trimmed. :)

Rather than blather on, I'll give you what you really want, puppy pics! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.


LA said...

I think you have lots of sewing in your future!!!! That new machine looks interesting. Robin seems to be adjusting very well...I'm sure Stella is a great big sis!

ladyoftheloom said...

I just love a mechanical sewing machine! And with dual feed now that is a keeper.

Awesome pup pics!

Judy said...

Congrats on the new sewing machine!! It sounds like just what you were looking for, especially with the feeding system that it uses. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for a new sewing machine! Love the picture of Stella demonstrating the proper tug of war procedure to Robin! Poor Smoochie is being pushed out of his bed! Thanks for the puppy pics! Enjoy your new sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

The puppy cuteness factor is high in your house!

Michelle said...

That last photo is TOO ADORABLE!

Julie said...

Oh you are so much like me! You just can't have enough of one thing mostly sewing machines, spinning wheels, and floor looms!

Cute top!