Sunday, June 12, 2011


What a beautiful week weather wise and a crappy week to have a head cold. I have managed to keep on keeping on, some weaving, some riding (head cold or not it's always good for the soul), and some gift making. The key word there is gift, a Father's Day gift. While it has left the building, it won't be opened until a week from today assuming the honor system is still in place. I suspect one or both of my folks may have peeked at a gift from time to time...or maybe that's me? ;)
In any event, I do have pictures and will share, next Sunday.

Other than the usual stuff, not much going on here. I have spent more time than I would like parked in bed next to a Kleenex box. The upside has been more time to read
George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones epic series and I mean epic. This has been a
guilty pleasure for sure. I started the series in MA and each book runs somewhere around 700-1000 pages. I'm on the 4th book of the series at present. I haven't enjoyed a fantasy series this much since Harry Potter and before that, The Dragons of Pern series many years ago. It's not often I dip into this genre for reading, but when I do, I thoroughly absorb it. (Can't wait for HBO to release the series on disc). I think the dogs have enjoyed the down time too. They all troop up to rest with me while I read, nap or sew. Not unexpected after being gone a month.
I'm on a short leash I guess!

Parting shot: As above, so below.


LA said...

Oh looks like you ALL are down for the count! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Susan said...

Sorry to hear about the cold!
I was laid up a couple of days last week and it was so sweet when Calli came and rested with me. Dogs are sensitive that way aren't they?

I have been thoroughly enjoy HBO's Game of Thrones and recently my daughter recently sent me the first two books to read (with the remaining 2 to come) I also noticed that the 5th book is about to be published. There is supposed to be a total of 7! Since number 5 has taken since 2006, we best not hold our breath!

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all feeling better! I see that a short leash for Mom was just what the dogs needed!

ladyoftheloom said...

How did I miss this post I wonder? Sorry you are sick but hope you are getting better by now. I think it must be a testament to your good care that they keep you on a short leash!

Anonymous said...

So good there is an upside to being down and having great company while you are there. Get better soon!

Long Ridge Farm said...

oh bugger...I sympathize. I was sick for weeks this spring...nothing like small lovebugs to wipe away the ickies.

Sharon said...

The cold is your body's way of asking you for some downtime - and look! You have kleenex and a fun read. Do it. I'm about half way through Gabaldon's Outlander, the first in a series similar to the one you mention. I almost never read this genre, reminding me again, never to say never.