Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabric Pairings

So, it's no secret I like fiber and fabric and to that end, I added just a wee bit to my stash. My fabric stash is quite small really, everything earmarked for a specific type of project. So let's go over what's in progress and what is earmarked.

The floral/camo sateen cotton from Joann's (not the greatest quality) was inexpensive
and became a wearable muslin for a first run on the HotPatterns Scarf Blouse.

It's okay, I'm not in love with it and in all fairness the pattern calls for a more drapey fabric than this but I have issues with some of the construction of the garment. I'll do a second shirt from it, making adjustments to the sleeve pleating and a nicer cuff construction and see if it works out. I am using a lovely plain silk scarf I own instead of one made from the camo fabric.

I also tried a new Sewing Workshop pants pattern.

It too needs some work to be a winner. The cut is completely different from the Trio pants and while it fits nicely in some areas, it could use work in others. The length from hip to waist is WAY too long for me, so I need to hack off at least an inch there and since it is a front seamed pant with no side seam, it needs just a bit more ease added at the hip. I increased the length since I really don't like cropped pants all that much. While I used a medium weight linen for this first pair, I might like to try a stretch bottom weight cotton for a second run through. The pattern itself has no pockets, so I added pockets because pants without them just won't do!

Now onto the pairings! First up is some lovely Japanese heavier weight cotton in black and tan. This will be for the TNT Trio pant pattern, and some lovely sale cotton for my favorite HotPatterns Shirt.

I could use a dozen of these and by gum, I might just come close.

The second pairing is a lovely drapey linen and rayon blend in a clear emerald green. Suit weight and there is enough to make pants and maybe a short jacket or semi-fitted vest. Along with it is some pretty cotton I picked up in Massachusetts.

It's a darn good match too if I say so myself. This will become one of the Petite Plus shirts, either Shapely or Yoked Blouse.

Since we are talking about pairings and sadly, I cannot get the parting shot up (note to self, when the upload is working put the parting shots up first!) I will draw your attention to last nights pairing of Boston Bruins to Vancouver Canucks. Oh my, what a game for Boston fans with the exception of the hard late hit that sent Ethan Horton to Mass General. Regardless of how the series ends up, Boston fans got a little bit (or is it bite?) of payback last night. GO BRUINS!


Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Nice fabric pairings. Those pants look interesting - what kind of waist is on them? I took a seminar with Daryl Lancaster at conference on fit - learned so much in a short period of time. A friend took her 3 day pre-conference workshop and was in overload with all the info - she said it was outstanding. If I ever see her teaching that again at a conference I'll take it.

Leigh said...

Ooo, I love your pairings. I think working those is one of the most fun parts of designing and sewing!

Anonymous said...

Lots of sewing on your menu and some great looking fabric. I love the colours. That was a hard game last night, but I guess we had to give them a win on their ice. lol

Sharon said...

I think all the pants you make are awesome. Now that I've been bitten by the rag rug bug, I'm seeing fabrics in a demented way. My daughter, the belly-dance costume maker, who just purchased a dress-form on Craigslist, would probably be on you same page.