Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little New Inspiration

I weave with cotton quite often, it's inexpensive in comparison to many other fibers, usually washable and certainly durable in most weave structures. When weaving I often do a test strip at the beginning, checking my threading, my treadling and color combinations etc. The strip usually runs about 8 inches into the warp and comes off
under the heading of waste. So it was with great delight I spied this book. Quilting: Line + Color by Japanese artist Yoshiko Jinzenji.

Simple, colorful and oh, what a super way to use up some of those woven test strips.

Now I haven't bought a quilting book in years. Just nothing appealed to me enough to want to go to the trouble but this one hit all the buttons.

Clean uncomplicated lines both in construction and quilting and small pops of color giving it all a very contemporary feel and a great way to up cycle both some garment scraps and weaving scraps. A winner in my library for sure!

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...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I'm intrigued by the use of recycled goodies so you'll have to share the results.
Puppy looks content and what a beautiful horse.
Susan x

LA said...

What WERE you saying to Stella??? I love that expression! That book looks very interesting....can't wait to see what you do with your samples.


I like the fact that you can use small bit and piece and get something use and beautiful. Keep us posted on your progress I'd love to see how it works out for you.

Judy said...

What a great find! That sounds like a great fit for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create.

Your horse looks like it is feeling good!

Maggie said...

Do you ever have to fight the urge to holler at her like Marlon Brando? STEEELLLLAAAAAA!!!
Just wondering...

Theresa said...

Maggie, I yell that all the time, one of the joys of having a dog named Stella!
DEOTL, I will post most certainly when I got to use that books. I have not saved all my scraps and such from weaving so it might be a stretch putting one together right now.
LA Stella was no doubt hoping someone would make a ball magically appear.
Judy and Susan, The horse is Imp and he was feeling quite frisky.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Stella isn't contemplating her next move? She looks like she might be plotting revenge on one of her brothers or sisters. Imp is looking "puckish" - beautiful animal. Your strip quilt project looks interesting, keep us posted.

Sharon said...

Handwoven samples and quilts don't come together in my mind as compatible. It's a mystery and I'm looking forward to the unraveled puzzle, pun intended.

Kris said...

Hey Theresa. I'm really late in joining the welcome home! But...welcome home! I thought a lot about Dennett while you were gone, and am so glad he's doing well.

I'm loving the Quilt book idea. I have many boxes of handwoven scraps and just can't seem to throw much away, so that's a great idea for piecing.

Come visit when you can!

Leigh said...

Oh that book looks so intriguing! I can see why you'd get it. I agree about cotton, it's a favorite to weave it and a favorite to wear (until winter gets here, then it's wool!)