Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where is That Wabbit Twail?

No wascally wabbits here and I would bet Elmer J. Fudd isn't terribly popular with the Easter Bunny crowd. But we have warps! Three warps to be exact, one for each loom.

The scarf warp is done for Hannah,

the pillowcase warp on Hey Baby

and Julia has a new prayer flag warp already being threaded.

Now, with the change over in looms, some equipment has also left. My much loved 36" loop raddle went with the Murphy, as did my second pair of long lease sticks. The swedish way of warping has you use the reed as a raddle and it has it's benefits but for me it's too fiddly having to sley twice. I've spent a good long while streamlining my warping process and I like it. So regardless of how silly this looked it's what I had to do to get the warp wound on Julia.

A smaller version of this raddle will be made up and Hannah can have hers back for good!

The shortage of lease sticks also means I have to think about the order I beam on my warps. I'll get Hannah Hollandia's narrow scarf warp done first since it will go fast and then move the lease sticks over to Hey Baby. They will live there the longest while I thread the 736 something ends for the pillowcases. Julia came with her own pretty set.
She now is also home to my favorite little lamb.

I think he arrived spring of last year and he needed a new home since the Carolyn loom left. We just couldn't have any displaced lambs!

He also needed to be kept high up since he looks very much like a plushy chew toy to a certain segment of our population. If you wind him up he plays
Hush, Little Baby. Drives Jack nuts with the slow head movement while it plays.

As you can see by this picture,

we still have snow and while I haven't checked the weather site, no doubt more snow predicted. Old man Dennett has a cushion and blanket behind the spinning wheel. He snoozes while I thread. The rest of the dogs are still nimble enough to jump up on the bed. The horses and goats are all quite grumpy, even the barn cats are a little uppity but there is a silver lining. This series of storms has certainly staved off fire season in a very good way.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, spent in the way that delights you most.


  1. Happy Easter!

    And happy threading!!

    We're doing lots of outdoor work to take advantage of the record warmth. No snow here for once! Hope spring finds you soon!


  2. Happy Easter! I'm home from church, brunch with the kids and I'm ready to pile up in bed with the Sunday paper. I feel a nap coming on...maybe followed by some threading of my own, later!

  3. Nice threading... blah,blah... looms...blah,blaa... Cute lambie and doggies... blah, blah...

    But what kind of wheel do you have? It is awesome! I love the curved treadles. Please tell me more.

    Web-sters Carol

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter! I really love the lambie, so cute!

    Happy that Dennett is better! He was moving slow when we were up there, but then he IS 17. That's a log of dog years ;-)

    I'm actually starting to look forward to getting my looms back in working order (and out of the living room), working on it. Your warps, and shopping that stash (I think mine is about 4 times as large as yours :-0 ) sounds good. I need to whittle it down a whole lot. I'm wondering if you have the very windy conditions we're getting here on the valley floor. No snow down here, but my trees are really moving!

    Hugs to all up there!

  5. Kris, Snow and wind, lots of wind. Yes, get those looms going girl, it's been way too long.
    Carol, The wheel is a Timbertops Leicester. Come up any time to take her for a spin...
    LA, sounds like a wonderful day as does yours Sue. I wish it was nice enough for me to venture out to do some yard clean up!

  6. You have a lot of weaving ahead of you, I see! Sleying the reed twice takes extra time of course. I've never thought about it before, because that's the way I was taught to do it, but it looks like there are more effective methods... Thank you for sharing!

  7. I can't quite get my head around sleying the reed twice, but I wouldn't want to do it. I love your studio space and all the brightness.

    I hadn't thought about these storms as pushing back fire season. I have been thinking about how much pollen there's going to be for my allergies to deal with, but the wildflowers are going to be spectacular this year.

  8. wow you are getting buisy, sleying 3 looms. I love that Julia I think it is the color that I love the most.

  9. Have fun with your projects. Might as well work on more than one project, especially if you still have snow. For once we don't have any here in Charlevoix, Michigan. Thankfully the rain started a couple days ago, so the fire danger is gone. It's pouring right now.

  10. Dennett looks so comfy. That is great. And you are industrious, my oh my!I have piles and piles of dyed yarns getting done in exchange for all of your weaving work. Not enough time in the day....

  11. You have been busy! I think we get your snow after your done with it. We got three feet over the last two days in our mountains.

  12. ha, ha! That's Jack! Well he doesn't look like any assisting IS going on!