Friday, April 2, 2010

Stash: It's All About Inspiration

I'm "fall on my knees and thank the powers that be" blessed to have such a deep and varied stash. Weaving has allowed me to buy many yarns in small quantities that I normally wouldn't for knitting. It's like picking up fat quarters in quilting, fun stuff in manageable amounts. So, since I am snowed in for the weekend ( yes, folks December in April), it was a delight to shop my stash for suitable scarf and shawl material. Never too early to start in on the humane society weaving and I need some nice, fast, fun and colorful warps to plan. I came up quickly with 5 different projects.

Most to be done in plain weave, but the black and yellow/green silk will be an 8 shaft pinwheel color and weave design for myself. I've decided to put the pillowcase warp ( which is just about measured out completely) on Hey Baby and do my quick 3 yard scarf weaving on Hannah Hollandia.

I can't think of a better way to get comfortable with a new loom addition than to do a lot of warps. The Julia loom will get her chance too. I did indeed cut off my wonky warp after two flags and have already prepared her for another warp. The hold up in all of this is getting the pillowcase warp done ( only 76 more ends....), so I can ditch the guide thread.

Now, some updates on the Julia, I have solved both the bench problem and the creeping problem. I am using an unused swivel counter stool that we have cut down to the correct height. It also has stretchers which make for a handy foot rest. I won't say someday I wouldn't like a bench for her, but this is fine and certainly being able to swivel to get up is a lot easier than moving a bench back. I have a few other small adjustments to make as I warp her the next time, nothing major. I have to say I am starting to love this little loom. Murphy left some big warps to fill but I'm missing him less and less and those times I do really miss him, it's for sentimental reasons rather than weaving issues.

Dennett continues to do well. He was supposed to get his two little stitches out today but he'll have to keep them until Tuesday when hopefully the snow will have stopped.
His test showed no cancer, and while not normal for a 6 year old dog was not abnormal for a 17 year old who's systems are, well, old. All in all good reports but we have a second blood test to do Tuesday now that his infected tooth has been removed and his course of antibiotics completed. Everybody enjoyed piling on the back porch bed for a nap and read while the snow flies. If the Easter Bunny makes an appearance, we'll certainly be able to track him!


  1. Playing with your stash....what fun on a snowy day! We were blessed with temps in the low 80's today, and all the windows and doors are open! I'm so glad Dennett's tests came back on a positive note. Another thing to be thankful for!

  2. I was wondering how much snow you've been getting - have seen pix of the passes - we're on the line and just have torrential rains and winds - hoping none of the big firs fall......

  3. What fun to have a day where you can play with your stash and dream. I absolutely love this part of the creative process.

    Glad to hear about Dennett. That's a blessing too.

  4. It is super warm and sunny here. Not at all like our usual early April.

    At least you have your stash and looms to console you!!

    Glad Dennett's tests didn't show cancer.

    Stay warm!


  5. I'm sure your stash will make great scarves! It's a lot of fun to play around with different yarns. I have also been looking at my stash lately, but it's mostly brown and grey - I guess I'll just knit something warm for myself.

  6. What fun! I think the green, gold and black will be gorgeous - I'll be jealous!

    You know I've thought that I'd rather have a swivel chair as well. With dogs and whatnot - it is nicer to simply swing around and not upset the set up!

    Glad to hear Dennet is doing well! Cannot imagine snow - it was 90 here yesterday - not sure where spring went...

  7. Sigh - I wish I could see stash acquisition through your eyes. I don't have the first idea how to buy weaving yarns. I'm sure I'll catch on and then hate myself -and you for encouraging me.

  8. Yes, stash playing on a snowy day beats book or closet organizing, which were the other choices!
    Jennifer, you're 90 degree heat has just made me appreciate my snow. Anything over 75 degrees in MHO is too hot. Low 60's are heaven for me although LA, having windows and doors open sounds very appealing about now.
    Cindie, we got about 9 inches, maybe a little more, it snowed and then warmed and melted down, then snowed.....
    Charlotte, those neutrals are wonderful for inspiration too. I bet you have something to add a pop of color here and there should the whimsy strike.
    Sue, I heard it was darn near perfect weather out your way. Sunny and warming and yes, I have a LOT of consolation here. ;-)
    Sharon, I'm not sure I know how to buy weaving yarn either...hence a lot of choices of stuff to try.
    Oh please, don't hate me or yourself...okay. If you ever come for a visit, I promise I won't open the stash closet up.

  9. Tomorrow will be our first 90 degree day of the year... I am not very happy. I think snow is a much better choice! Enjoy your weaving!