Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Bet They Wonder If I Have Anything Better to Do

Frankly sometimes I wonder that too, but there it was, the camera, the boots at the door ready and a partly sunny day. I'll take partly sunny. In fact I'll take about anything that isn't wet. This wee bit of knitting has brought about more enjoyment for me (and likely only me) than anything I think I've ever made. So without further ado, I bring you the most recent wall of Anti Firecracker Balaclava shame.

Miss Taffy, who simply froze and glared, and you know it when a goat glares at you.
Hm, maybe a new movie, Goats Who Stare at Women.....

Dandy, formally known as the horse who use to love me (and really got over any embarrassment once the treats came out).

Imp, poor Imp, this particular style is exceptionally unbecoming to him. Might have something to do with that big long glow in the dark white face.

And last, but never least, the Lolita look. Remember, this is Nick of fly mask failure fame, so no one should be surprised.

Note: No animals were harmed in the taking of these pictures, no matter what they tell you.


  1. If we could only put speech balloons on these pictures!!! OH MY! Only, we'd have to censure Dandy's remarks! I don't think you can say that on a blog.........

  2. The looks are wonderful - especially Dandy.

  3. Oh these pix had me laughing out loud - what looks they all gave you!

  4. Nope, It's not just amusing you! Too funny!

  5. OMG I have seen that look from a goat!

    I know they don't wonder about you because you have all the pockets and they don't.

  6. LOTL, and you didn't turn into stone? Taffy out of all the animals was truly pissed off with the headgear.
    I got dagger looks all day long.
    C, they are a funny lot even without the balaclava.
    LA, speech balloons eh? Oh, I could go to town with that but you are correct, it is a PG blog and I am sure there were non PG thoughts going on.
    Evelyn, Dandy is the most photogenic of the horses. He always makes a nice picture and really, that's a kind eye. He's also a really good sport about putting stuff on. Must be because he started life in a family with 3 little kids. He has the patience of Job, and knows a full pocket when he sees one!
    Cindie, glad I sent you up to bed with a chuckle or two.

  7. ROFL. Well, I for one, am glad that you don't have anything better to do!

  8. Theresa, if you are doing this crazy stuff now - I can only imagine what you'll be doing when you get old and a bit senile! How close is your nearest neighbor? I bet there is talk about the crazy lady on the mountain!

  9. They really do love you or they would have run you over for that! (BTW your word verification was funkychi - I see funky chick!)