Thursday, April 22, 2010

It Might as Well Be Spring-April Colors

Well, it might as well be winter too. Sunday was warm, sunny spring like, leaves budding, mud drying, just a wonderful day. Then....( can you hear the music to Jaws)
Monday night the rain started, Tuesday wet snow mix and yesterday, let's just say if it wasn't for summer fire season, the 10 inches of snow were MOST unwelcome. Gene spent three quarters of the day out running from one disaster to another. A huge power line down on the Hyatt Lake access road, then a tree across Highway 66, and a local run off the road by an over sized truck load. Highway 66 is a narrow windy kind of scary road that has a length and weight limit. Big rigs are not allowed, but it doesn't stop them from trying to avoid the I 5 chain requirement or resulting slow down. I don't know what they are thinking. Really are they?

So we went from this.......

Lilac Bush

Arctic Willow


To this in a matter of hours.

This was the scene of the downed 13,000 volt power line. Pacific Power shut it down so the guys could direct traffic around it (and they could fix it). Not only was it snowy, it was windy. We had gusts up to 40mph. You only needed to stand outside to have snow packed onto your body. The horses had a condition we fondly refer to as snow ass. It means they have all had their heads in the shelter with their butts sticking out. All the horses had white bottoms like Cooper. There was one that enjoyed the weather and that was Dennett. He LOVES snow and insisted on his walk yesterday morning and enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoyed it because he did. Today the wind is still blowing, a flurry or two, but the D man will have an interesting walk. A raccoon was around last night and another unidentified set of tracks. We'll have fun following them.
Happy Earth Day!


  1. You just gotta love Spring! She keeps us guessing...the weather can change on a dime! My tomato plants are staying inside for a few more days. Those late frosts have hit before (and they'll do it again!) It looks very interesting up your way!

  2. Oh my. I hope the new blooms on the plants will survive the cold and wind and snow. I bet you are ready for spring.

  3. I knew you had to be getting snow yesterday, just didn't realize how much. We just had rain to the west of you - lots of rain!

  4. Wow! That's really something! We had a much milder version of that a couple of weeks ago but it's all spring-like again now! Hope it warms up soon!

  5. I'm sure the snow will melt soon, and spring comes back! Here everything still is white, except on the roads, so the kids have started the bicycle season.

  6. We had a piece of that here ourselves - fierce wind and a couple days of non-stop rain. It snowed but was to warm to stick. In spite of that, our three wethers got sheared yesterday. I thought their coats would be too wet, but they were fine.

  7. Do NOT bring that snow with you when you head out this way!!! We're done, done, done with winter!!!

    Our spring is super early. Probably about 3-4 weeks ahead of usual.

    Good earth day article too - thanks for posting about it!


  8. Good grief, what an April for you. Makes for interesting photography though. Looking forward to seeing your blooming color ..... in May???

  9. Poor you: snow this time of the year, when there has been so (too) much of it already! Let's hope you'll have a better and more colourful May!

  10. Spring! You gotta love it. Last week my friends 2 hours away - had 20 inches of snow - today it is in the 70s. Go figure!