Saturday, April 10, 2010

What Exactly IS That Green Warp?

You had questions about the green scarf warp and I have answers!

The pale smooth yarn in the warp is Nature's Palette Lace weight silk and wool. 30% silk/70% wool. The ribbon type yarn is a cotton (85%) and polymide (15%) ribbon blend made by Filatura Di Crosa called Malva, which I think may be discontinued. I bought this on sale along with a hot red salsa kind of mix of the same stuff. The lovely loopy boucle yarn is a Curious Creek Fibers yarn named Shira and it is 54% mohair, 23% silk, 18% wool and 5% nylon. I have used this before in scarf for both warp and weft. It was called Poodle in a Pond. I love the name of this color way; Birches in Norway. Do the birches look like that in Norway?

The sett is varied but around 10 epi. I skipped some dents with the boucle, crammed the ribbon and basically did what I felt like when I sleyed it, just to see what it will do.
Loom Hannah is wonderful to weave on and I am enjoying this second warp on her
immensely. It was a good call to move the pillowcase over to Hey Baby and spend some really fun weaving time on the Hollandia loom

The weft is also Nature's Palette silk and wool but in soft shades of turquoise blue.

The hand dying process and natural dyes produces beautiful almost solid colors. There isn't a color way they have that doesn't inspire some longing in me to bring it home.

So there is the skinny on the scarf. :-)


  1. It is beautiful (and thank you Theresa!)

  2. Well, the birch leaves are a very light and bright green color in spring, so the yarn absolutely resembles. I love the scarf and all the exciting fibres your using!

  3. That scarf is just amazing! Thanks for the great are inspiring me to get busy!

  4. Charlotte, I'm glad to know that the yarn does indeed resemble birch trees and I am wishing I could see them for myself. They sound beautiful! I'm not sure our typical birches are as pretty but I'll have to make sure I check them out soon and see.
    LA, Get busy! :-)
    LOTL, glad to help and thank you for the compliments all on the scarf.

  5. I like the variegated blues on your weft and look forward to seeing the finished project. The colors hum.

  6. Sharon, I look forward to seeing the finished scarf too!
    They always look different when they are off the loom and wet finished. I'll have to think about the best way of finishing the ends too......

  7. The scarf looks so soft on the loom, I bet it will just be a puddle of soft silkiness once you wash and dry. I love the green thank for letting us know what it is.