Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get set...GO!

Finally, now that all other warps are threaded, sleyed and either ready to begin weaving (or the weaving has commenced), the pillowcase warp is getting some much anticipated attention. It is the first time I have used 20/2 yarn to weave although I've had that huge cone sitting around taunting me for a year. I have new appreciation of those that tackle 60/2 or finer for their weaving. No more than threads.

It has no weight on it's own to speak of and being so light, every rough part of my hand (and that would be most of it) catches as I am spreading into the raddle. Otherwise, it's behaving fairly nicely. A good tug at the next tie point usually brings the bundle all in order so I can go back and with claw like hands, continue counting and spreading. I got just about half done yesterday morning before I had to leave for town. Today is finish spreading and wind it all on. Might even get to a little threading before I start in on weaving the green scarf warp.

The Prayer Flag warp is in progress. I am doing some sampling and have what I think will make a prettier finished flag.

It's been slow going getting the prayers written as the next ones to be woven are Rainbow Bridge flags and the prayers always make me puddle up. There is something wonderful and healing in putting those sad beautiful thoughts down on silk though and when I'm done writing them, I feel lighter and cleansed of spirit. A meditation.

On farm news, we have had some interesting tracks around the place. A few raccoon paths, lots of squirrels, rabbit and a fox. Dennett and I have been taking some fun morning walks along the riding trails I use. Unfortunately, the ground is so muddy I dare not ride even on the occasional sunny day. It's just too dangerous for both of us. The horses have been enjoying the renewed brushing and work on their coats with the shedding blade though. The goats seem to have found a spot or two that has new growth to nibble and the arctic willow by the front porch is breaking out in thousands of small leaf buds. Spring is going to come this year sooner or later, mud or not and I am waiting for it with happy anticipation. It's a very short season up here in the mountains, often we go right into summer with just a week or two of spring, most of which is spent drying out. The birds think it's spring already and are filling in the still barren landscape with chirping and song. They know a thing or two I reckon. Blink and I might miss springs entrance all together.


  1. THe prayer flags are such a wonderful gift - as well as your description!

    I understand blinking and missing spring - we are already hitting 90F - when did spring happen?

  2. Wowie wow. That is a lot of warp threading of tiny threads. I would take a picture of my dry hands to show you but that would be gross.

    WHat yarns make up the scarf? Lovely greens!

  3. My sweet little Sass is waiting on the other side of the bridge....and I know she loves seeing all those beautiful flags. Your threading reminds me that I need to get busy. There are so many things that draw me away from my looms, and I long to get back to my bench.

  4. LOTL, hm, the yarns are a Natures Palette Lace weight in silk and wool, Filatura Di Crosa Malva which is a rayon and cotton ribbon of sorts and the boucle is a Curious Creek Fibers mix of wool, silk and mohair.

    LA, Glad I could send up some happy thoughts for Sass. Hope you got back to your loom!

    Jennifer, thank you. Good gosh, you guys really are going right into summer. Maybe spring will double back for a stay.

  5. The prayer flag sounds so awesome and cleansing, I love the thought of it as mediation. The threadling pics are fabulous since I don't have any weavers near me, I love it when you all show me these little bits help keep the confusion down some. The green yarn with the nubbles looks really interesting, can you let me know what your using there?

  6. I love the colors and yarns on the prayer flag and am wondering if you have to use a larger reed so that the nubs on the green yarn don't get caught and ruined by the reed?

  7. I am in awe of your ability to have working projects on three looms - at one time. How do you decide what to work on, or do you just let your mood decide?