Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Little Pet

Okay, I know what you all are thinking, is not 7 dogs, 3 cats, 5 horses and 5 goats enough? Yes, it is, but really how much trouble can one little Ladybug cause?

The long awaited birthday gift arrived home Friday and while the frantic pace of trip packing continues I have managed a little "getting to know you" spinning time in.

It was quite fun getting to assemble her down at the Web-sters with some help from Liz. I broke all the rules and left the box behind! Of course the first thing we did was find the Ladybug. Each one has it in a different place and here is mine.

I've been playing with different fibers in my stash. Basically a hodge podge just to get the feel of the wheel. She is very smooth and I think we are going to get on just fine. The plus is I can grab her easily, and move her around. She fits nicely upright and belted in in the back or front seat of my car and is quite sturdy. So far I haven't had a chance to test her out in the double drive mode, but when I get back from Massachusetts you can be sure we'll have more experimentation time.

Pogo thinks that each wheel should come with a little Chihuahua, or at least a pair of ears. ( This photo reminds me of circling sharks...)

Admittedly there are some days I would like to Velcro him somewhere but on my spinning wheel.....hmmmmm.

On farm news, the crappy weather is back and will be back for the remainder of the week. It will be a messy ride down to the airport early Thursday morning. I leave everyone in Gene's capable hands for the next two weeks. I won't be updating this blog but you can be sure I'll be keeping up with all the blogs I read and enjoy. So those of you who found yourself here somehow and it's seems to be languishing, PLEASE go check out some of the wonderful blogs listed to the right. See you all again here after May 14th!


  1. Your ladybug looks great on that rug! Congratulations! Now I have wheel envy.

  2. Oh I didn't know each wheel came with it's own little ladybug - how cute!

    I know why you wanted that particular wheel - the red matches your cute little new loom!

    Have a great trip!

  3. Wow I never knew it came with an actual ladybug, how cool is that!

    Now I wish I'd bought one of these instead of an Ashford Joy... though it would be cheaper to just make my own ladybug and stick it on my Joy, lol

    Have a great break :)

  4. She's so cute!!!! I bet she would fit in your luggage for the trip! Have a wonderful vacation...blogland will still be here when you get back!

  5. Great birthday gift!!! I didn't know they came with a "bug". Cute!

  6. The ladybug wheel matches the Julia. Hope you have a safe trip.

  7. Ooooo. Cute pet! Perfect addition to your others. Will Ladybug get a hat too?

  8. Leigh, I'm not sure I have needles small enough to make a special hat for that ladybug..LOL!
    The little enameled bug is quite a plus. I figure the actual wheel was only 25% of the selling price, the bug the balance.
    It is a plus she matches the Julia loom so nicely too...

  9. One of the ladies at the dye day was spinning on one those new Schacht's - I just ordered a new head for my Lendrum. I'm loyal that way. Happy birthday belated.

  10. UGH! I finally caught up and you are gone! Enjoy the trip - love the spinning - let me know how it goes - it's another of those things I dream about doing someday....