Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Very Woolly Holiday

Well, I am still stuffed from two days of marathon nibbling. It seems the house miraculously fills with stuff that we love all at once. Cookies, pies, candy, cheeses, fancy crackers and that is just the tip of the ice box!

Christmas Eve brought the reading of Dylan Thomas and sadly, a candle was lit to honor the passing of Sadie's old friend and companion Rudy. We always knew you two would be together, just not so soon.

Presents have been opened and in most cases enjoyed at least a little bit amid the busy Christmas day. The turkey stuffed and unstuffed and restuffed into us! We looked like Weebles by 6:00p.m. last evening. I won't even say how the kitchen looks right now,
but no elves slipped down to make magic on THAT mess!

It certainly was a woolly Christmas for this weaver and knitter. A lovely basket of yarn, beeswax candles and local honey was a gift from special friends. The basket and everything it contained was all in lovely warm honey tones. It was just beautiful!

Gene came through with the much coveted ProWeave computer program and I had time to start playing with a bit.

There were gift certificates to the Web-sters and the local bookstore, and all sorts of fun gadgets and such for stocking stuffers. My Dad sent one of his lovely cotton twill towels to me.
My mother, who while seeming to be the most practical of people, sent a check with the very specific directions that I buy myself a piece of art that I love. I did Mom and thank you. Naked sheep! ;-)

Gene tells me his favorite gift is the coffee maker.

I'm not surprised. I've never seen anyone so in love with a beverage! I had only bought him a little coffee my last foray into town, hoping he would be low by the time Christmas rolled around. He had run out and here he is, (after getting up early yesterday morning to lend a hand with prep work and going to bed very late trying to get the Proweave up on my computer as a surprise) thinking he would have to endure my instant coffee for the day!

Peter was enjoying being snuggled in Papa, quite the treat at 5:30 ish in the morning.

The dogs got nylabones, the cats tuna, the horses all got carrots, apples and pears cut up in their buckets. The wild birds got new and additional feeders.

I finished up the back to my Dad's sweater and got started on the front. There is the beautiful gift basket and yarn.

Everyone was tired by the end of a very bountiful day. How dogs manage to sleep like this I'll never know.


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas filled with warm and wonderful moments!

    Glad you got weaving software!! I think it's really helpful and I've only started to scratch the surface.

    Love the art that you chose also!!


  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day - and weaving software! Oh you'll have fun now.
    We had a very relaxed day, it was nice.

  3. Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful holiday! Yay for the ProWeave and other goodies. I love the painting too. I'm looking forward now, to hearing more about ProWeave.

  4. I don't drink coffee but my husband does, so last year I got him a Keurig. He absolutely loves it. It's exactly what he needed!
    Glad your Christmas was full of fun!
    Tuesday weavers

  5. I am curious about your Pro Weave. What loom do you use it with? I will be waiting for posts about it!!
    My husband has the same coffee maker...I bought it for him last year, and he LOVES the thing.
    Go figure.

  6. I am so excited about the software! The art hasn't been hung yet, but I'm enjoying it on the mantel for the moment.
    Hilary, although the program does have drivers, I don't own a CAL at all. Mostly I wanted this to just goof around with making my own little drafts.
    The coffee maker also does a fine job of heating water for tea! ;-) I am surprised Gene hasn't named the maker yet, but maybe he has and they have a secret password.

    Leigh, I'll be sure to update the blog as I work my way through the program. It will be a lot of baby steps no doubt, so I hope everyone will bear with me.

  7. I'll be interested in how you use the program. I think I'm just about there myself, though not quite. Ian's a morning person too and would be right there with Scott, though his dogs are too large for laps. You've been working your little fingers off on the sweater and it's wonderful!

  8. This sounds like a great Christmas celebration! I'm looking forward to see how you use the weaving program.

  9. I can't believe that it is over and a new year is about to begin. But it looks like you had a wonderful day!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  10. So you wobbled but didn't fall down, eh? I laughed out loud with that Weebles comment! Do they even make Weebles anymore?