Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bless His Pointy Little Head

Okay, so this isn't the blanket post, but it's coming! It's just very early and it makes Gene grumpy when I wake him up to make the bed so it will look pretty with the new blanket on it. Go figure!

Instead you get Peter, and honestly, even though I made that blanket and it's pretty darn nice, Peter I'd grab in a fire, the blanket I wouldn't. ;-)

For just a little background, Peter, who I've had for many many years now (about 13) had had his jaw shot and fractured as a young ( 5-8 weeks est.) pup. We don't know who did it or why, but the result was a lower jaw with about an inch of bone missing on the left side. This type of break is known as an unhinged break. Long ago we made the decision after consults at Texas A&M Vet School, that trying to graft bone could be risky and leave him worse off than he was. Once the old bone shards and stubborn puppy teeth were removed he did pretty well with it. The ends had healed months before he found his way into a shelter where I found him. This break is large enough to put my thumb through.

It did leave his back molars intact on both sides, but lets face it, it hasn't been something you'd volunteer to have. It hasn't stopped Peter though, he has fetched and played with toys and tennis balls using that jaw just as if it was complete and strong as Hercules. In the past few years though he has lost some front teeth and his canines. They simply had to come out. So we've been constantly monitoring how he's eating to make sure he can still handle the small kibble I feed. He can indeed and looks forward to meals with just as much gusto as the rest of the horde. He is a bit slower and more deliberate though. So I was surprised and delighted when I turned from my desk yesterday and saw him still with enough interest to want to be doing this. Note the Queen Bee watching from her throne.....


  1. Those are some comfortable-looking pups!!!

    Love that he's chewing a giant bone!!

    I am definitely a patient person....since I've waited so long to show off my scarves. I can wait for the blanket....but I do think Gene should have been willing to sacrifice for the cause!! ( Jim wouldn't grumble in that case too.....sheesh...these people who sleep like normal humans!)


  2. I can't wait to see the blanket but it was nice to get to know Peter! I can't believe someone would do that to a puppy!

  3. it's great that Peter found such a wonderful family to spend his life with!

  4. CoNnoR writing to Peter:
    Your mother lets you chew your bones on the good couch? Wow, she's cool..

    I have my canine teeth all cut and capped with fillings and they took out 2 front teeth to make room.
    A couple of kennel moves ago I had an abcess in one of my bottom canines so it had to come out. I've even had 2 fillings.
    But you know at age 13, a guy can't expect to have the teeth of a pup anymore.

    Apparently I'm going to the doggy resort for a week. I mess them up by not looking back or looking upset as they drive away. Paartay time!

    They let me chew bones there anywhere I want... you and your homies should come and visit.


  5. That boy has spunk! Hard to understand cruelty like that, isn't it.

  6. Sharon, No matter how long I live,I am still both amazed at the capacity of animals to love and give even after horrific treatment at the hands of man and
    disgusted at just how cruel a creature man can be, to himself and to other living things.

    Connor, you lucky dog, going to a resort! If you were closer I would send each and every one of the homies right over. LOL, good couch, try only couch. It was a nylabone though. The last real donnybrook we had here was 8 years ago over a real bone. Never again.
    Wow, fillings, that must be a million dollar set of choppers ya got! Sounds like you're a pretty lucky pup too!

    Sue and Cindy, yes, comfortable happy pups, the best kind.