Monday, December 14, 2009

As They Say on Car Talk...

"You've wasted another perfectly good hour." I pretty much wasted another perfectly good weekend. Oh, there was measurable progress on some fronts, but nothing actually got finished.

The gifts are all gathered upstairs and boxed, wrapping paper, tape, tissue, scissors, bows, tags and cards all there but nothing beyond the round up accomplished. Gene, who by trade is a jeweler and metal smith, needs to do his part for the Christmas box before it can leave, so it would have been a hurry up and wait endeavor. I can procrastinate with the best of them when I chose too.

The blanket warp is moving along enough that I can see the warp beam through the warp. It's completely possible to weave that off early this week should I light a fire under my, well, you know!

The kitchen rug was added to with about a foot or so of new weaving. I did get a fair amount of fabric ready on balls so I can sail along on it later today.

I made exactly three more heddles before I was whisked away to see something cute one of the dogs was doing and never got back to it. Oh, so easily lead astray....

A lovely homemade Parsnip & Pear soup was made for Saturday supper and it was beautiful and delicious. One of my all time favorites. Sweet and spicy. Paired with a crusty toasted ham and cheese sandwich with all the toppings and some decent table wine, we ate like kings and watched a Star Trek movie on the tube. The soup itself is simple, it's the prep work that is time consuming, dicing parsnips and carrot and ripe pears takes a bit of time and a good sharp knife.

The grey sweater was started.

I was anxious to make sure that using the smallest size and not doing the M1 increases on the side stitches would give me something close to what I need. It looks like it will. The pattern itself is fun and easy to remember with a little reminding about those last few seam stitches. The Suffolk yarn is heavenly to knit.

It's softer than the Black Welsh and very springy. It took well to the pointier lace Turbo Addi's I bought just for this project. No splitting and the smoothness of these needles is just perfect for this project. In fact, except for socks, I always use metal circular needles. I need every bit of speed I can get with knitting.

Loads of laundry, football and the dreaded clipping of doggy toenails filled out the little bits in between. Maybe I didn't waste the weekend after all. :-)


  1. Yeah....sounds like you got a lot done on the weekend!!! But it's easy to feel overwhelmed with things to do at this time of year.

    The sweater looks great - so comfie.

    That soup sounds seriously good.

    I cannot believe I'm on a blog break this week....when I'm finally getting those scarves woven! Poor Jim has to listen to me chatter away - since each different warp I use is my absolute favorite (at the time). I'm sure he can't wait til I write again starting Wednesday!!

    I learned the startling truth that I have as many unfinished knitting projects as a woman who works in my local yarn shop. Maybe I really should start actually finishing things!

    Stay warm!

  2. LOL, oh, that was another thing. I frogged two projects I had started a long time ago. I felt only a twinge of guilt. I can spend my time on projects I love instead....

    If Jim is anything like Gene, he may look like he's listening, but a quiz at a later time will reveal he hasn't retained a bit of my chatter, so I at times feel the need to repeat myself. If he has listened he'll pipe up, if he hasn't it's all like new information not to listen too....

    I can't wait until you start blogging again myself and I want to see those scarves!

  3. I'm with you I don't know where the weekend go's. Before I plan out everything that I'm going to get done but it all gets lost in the running here and there!

    Love the cables!

  4. the cables look so nice. I wish i could do more hand-knitting but my hands don't like it - hence the machine! Thanks re: the book. I will do amazon and hope! Evelyn

  5. What! You tease us with something yummy to eat and then no recipe!!!

    You're ahead of me on the gift front. If I don't do something quick, I'll just have to save everything for next year. :)

  6. Man, have you been busy! I'm skeptical that parsnips could taste good in any incarnation, but you say spicy and I like spicy. For a slow knitter, you're going great guns!