Sunday, December 20, 2009

Frustrating Diversions for the Clumsy and Uncoordinated

Or maybe how I was lured in.....

I decided to send a good friend who is learning to spin on a spindle a special one to make her efforts if not easier, at least a little prettier to work with. While I was on my Internet jaunt looking for the perfect one to have shipped, I found myself taken with the beauty of these little works of art. I just had to have one myself. After much consultation with Cindie, the oracle on fiber, weaving and now spindles, I was steered to a couple of good makers. This one happens to be a Jenkins Turkish spindle in Beeswing Nara ( or Narra).

It fit the bill in a number of ways. Locally made in Oregon, the Jenkins use only wood from sustainable harvests (and go out of their way to make sure of that) and it was appropriate for a beginner. SCORE! It arrived Thursday and other than take it out of the box and put it together, I have done nothing but fondle it. I know that once I try to actually use it for its intended purpose, it will become an evil little piece of the devils own making. Stay tuned for updates on the coming saga.

Friday, as always was shopping day. Lots of things to do, the one more gift for Gene to get after finally having a eureka moment for something both practical and fun for him.
He is very tough to shop for.

Of course there was the stop at my favorite store for a book I had ordered long time ago, before it had even been released.

This is actually a re- release and I have drooled over the designs for a long time but could never afford the $300.00 plus price tag when I stumbled on it in the used book market. $24.95 I can do. And these mittens, they truly ARE magnificent. I also found I could do a little sock yarn. Something special with Cashmere maybe? Once I saw this color and felt it, I knew it was coming home with me. In fact like a cat who sees a bird and imagines the thing all in roasted form, I saw this yarn and knew just the sock pattern I wanted to do for it. The yarn is a hand dyed sock yarn from Pagewood Farm named Alyeska. It is merino, cashmere and nylon in color way Bird of Paradise.

The sock pattern is out of the same book by Cookie A ( Sock Innovations) that my Dad's socks came from.

I have been diligently working on the sweater with a goal of finishing in by the end of January. Might actually do it too. Size 10 needles sure go faster than size 6! The Louet
is constantly taunting me with her nakedness.

On farm news, dare I write it? I may have had a Bond visit. There were some dug out places around the tack room. No breach, but maybe my little smelly friend has decided to put Runamuck back on his excursion list.

The package for my folks finally left yesterday morning. Gene REALLY procrastinated on this one and I am sure it was sent in the nick of time. We bumped it up from Priority to Express mail, so hopefully it will all get there round about Tuesday.

Weather wise we've had nothing but the promise of snow, only to have it rain. I am so bummed. I really want a white Christmas, heck, I'd be happy with it white from the end of November to mid-March. Maybe the first of the year will bring a true winter rally.
I can always hope!


  1. Good finds!!

    I've tried spinning exactly once, with a drop spindle, and I was very relieved that I didn't love it. (Although seeing some of the beautiful handspun yarns that other bloggers create makes me wonder sometimes if I should revisit spinning.) So far I'm still a holdout.

    That green yarn is gorgeous and that book looks great!!!

    We just mailed packages across the country too. I hope the big eastern storm doesn't trap our packages.

    If you lived in NH, you'd have a white Christmas. Just sayin'! We're getting light snow right now...but it seems like this storm stayed south of us and we're just getting a few inches out of it. I'm OK with that. We're going to a solstice party later today as long as the weather holds.

    Stay warm!

  2. Oh rub it in Sue! I know you guys have snow. I actually have a farm for sale bookmarked. It's in Northern NH.
    I don't have a chance of talking Gene into moving and let's face it, the real estate market is the pits right now.
    But I can dream!
    Oh I think you should give spindling another try at some point. I suspect it's one of those things that just has a longer learning curve to feel it fun. We'll see.

    Isn't the yarn pretty. I usually don't buy merino nor cashmere for socks, but for one wonderful luxury pair of special socks, why not!
    I hope your packages make it in time. I'm sure they will and enjoy your Solstice party, drive safe.

  3. you know where I am if you need help with that new spindle Theresa.
    I love the snow if I don't have to go anywhere - my brother is in a whopper of a storm back in MD outside of DC right now (near where I'm from).

  4. I have wanted a Jenkins spindle for such a long time they are so beautiful!
    I want that book!!!