Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, with all the hubbub around here since Christmas, I was beginning to feel like the weaving mojo was taking a vacation. I took pity on Gene the destroyer of all things knitted and woven, and decided to make him a scarf. A sturdy one.
I had been looking at my stash, and mohair was out, some merino and alpaca was out, mostly due to color, but it isn't really up to the abuse Gene wrecks on his wearables.
Low and behold, like Cupid with an arrow, Dona at Websters made a passing comment about the new Crazy Zauberball yarn I was looking at for socks. It was simply, wonder what it would look like woven.... Can you see the light bulb going off?

Well, it did. Sock yarn is tough (75% wool 25% nylon) and this sock yarn has long color changes that don't repeat. What an interesting warp it would make indeed. I chose the colorway Submarine. I only needed some weft and found that in lovely skein of Mountain Colors Winter Lace, colorway Wild Horse. Geez, even the name was perfect!
So Sunday I measured out the warp got it on the loom, threaded, sleyed and then
re-sleyed. 10 epi was just too open even for me and not having the grab of a mohair or fuzzy yarn, it just wasn't going to work.

I went up to 15 epi to maintain the warp patterning and got to work on weaving in earnest yesterday. I was so grateful for bifocals using that 15 dent reed I have. I've also made a mental note to avoid using it if at all possible.

The kitchen rag rug runner is almost done on the Barbara V loom. I want to try weaving some baling twine after I'm done with it. I certainly have a lot of it.
The sweater knitting is coming along, I have about 6 inches done on the front.

On farm news, we've had a little nuisance snow, the temps have been normal for this time of year. Juno got locked in the basement by accident. Gene left the door ajar, then went and closed and locked it. Last night at feeding, no Juno. I checked all the trees she usually gets stuck in, calling out in the snow storm and then back tracked to where
I had seen Buzz hanging out. Ever faithful Buzz, waiting by the basement door, and there peeking out a window, Juno. Curiosity and cats, need I say more. ;-)


  1. Love the scarf....I needed some new inspiration and there it is! Just need to find the yarn now.
    Very curious about the bailing twine. What would you weave and use it for?

  2. Great yarn choices!!! I love those colors!

    I'm plagued by sett woes, so I sympathize with the need to resley!

    Baling idea!

    Glad you found Juno!! Isn't it funny how animals tell us things sometimes? (And other times we have no clue what they're trying to say!)

    Impressive maintenance of weaving mojo I'd say!


  3. Those colors are fantastic, I just love them!

  4. beautiful colors! What a great scarf it's weaving up in to. I'm hoping to get over to Websters soon to pick up some of that for sox.

    I'm glad someone is weaving! I'm not sure what I've been doing other than bookkeeping work that's almost a year behind!

  5. What an excellent idea. And I absolutely love the colors! It's weaving up beautifully too. I know Gene will love it.

  6. Love those colors.

    Sorry to hear about Angel Cakes.

  7. Need-a-latte
    I'm not sure exactly what it will be, maybe a door mat.
    I'll have to see just how it weaves up.

    Gene does like the scarf. He's been oohing and aahing over it since it was in it's first stage sleying!

    Cindie, You get more done than two of me would, even with bookkeeping and holiday breaks! :-)

  8. lovely scarf idea. So sorry about your Angel. Evelyn

  9. I love the scarf Theresa - the colors are perfect!

  10. What a lovely scarf that is going to be! That is my goal for the new year is to get going on my loom. And I think a scarf would be a good start.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I don't need something indestructible but I would love something beautiful like that. I'm going to have to try it, just for the aha moment of discovery as the random colors work up.