Monday, December 28, 2009

The Cranky Post 2009

Well it is apparent that 2010 is right around the corner and like most everyone, I am hoping it will be a much better year for so many people. For the most part 2009 wasn't a bad year. I had numerous blessings to count and the universe was generous to us in many many respects. But before I can truly put 2009 to bed, I need to go over some things that either bugged the crap out of me or made me very happy to see. Here goes.

1. The Party of NO. Saying No and offering up tax cuts isn't working. It's silly and childish and you really need to get over it and come to the table with constructive new ideas, for yourselves, your party and the country.

2. To the Party of Yes, find your courage. If you are the majority and you want to lead for god sakes you better find the balls to do it. No one is happy with a weak party, no matter how good your ideas may be. Maybe you should all go back and read Lyndon Johnson The Senate Years.

3. To Clothing Manufacturers: Good grief, it's almost 2010 and can you all make this the year you get together and standardize clothing sizes for women? Seems you can do it with men reasonably well, but I am tired of picking up size 10's that fit like 14's and 14's that fit like 8's. I have a few other suggestions for you too.

a. Does every pocket on every vest or jacket have to have a zipper? They are simply uncomfortable as you pass a naked cold hand into a pocket. They catch on knitted gloves and mittens and always make the pocket seem too small to be of much use. Stop putting them in sweaters too.

b. Stop putting Spandex in all my cotton tops, in fact stopping putting spandex in sweaters too. Some jeans it's okay in and I like it in yoga pants, just a little, but nothing beats 100% cotton.

c. Please, stop designing everything for the young tall slender teen with a naval ring.
I look like a frumpy old lady because most of what you make to fit me is frumpy. Simple as that. And while I'm at it, most of what you offer is so poorly made it would look frumpy on that teen too.

d. Polar fleece is a nice, but does everything now have to be made out of it. In winter when you are most likely to be wearing it, it makes static like no one's business. I really do prefer wool for all my winter gear, without zippered pockets.

4. To All Manufacturers. Please, American made. I drove myself nuts this year trying to buy American made or at least mostly American made. It was ridiculously hard. In fact it was impossible.
a. Packaging, I know you can do better.

5. To Our Government, you have to do something about trade agreements with China.
Why are we still doing so much business with a country that poisons our animals and kids? I know it's a difficult problem on so many levels but we have to start somewhere.
Maybe we could start paying them back so we aren't so beholden to them.

6. To the Philadelphia Eagles. I have always believed in second chances and I am sure football fans around the world think you guys rock for giving Michael Vick one. Myself, I just cannot find it my heart to be so generous. Thank you for making any Texas team viable to root for.

7. Pet stores that sell puppies and kittens from mills instead of adoption and featuring needy animals right from your own local shelter. YOU should be ashamed of yourselves for the pain you cause thousands of animals every year. This should be the year we take away all licenses to sell live animals as retail merchandise. That goes for pocket pets too.

8. Prisons and youth programs that are rehabilitating needy animals and the incarcerated at the same time get two thumbs up. Nursing homes that have resident pets also get my heartfelt thanks. You can add good programs that bring the disabled time with horses, dogs and cats. Library dogs for kids to read to, Dogs for the Deaf, dogs for our homecoming veterans etc. All good works.

9. Climate change. Can we straighten this mess out once and for all. Both sides seem to have tainted the science and it's criminal. Period.

10. Whatever did happen to just the news. I don't want your opinion or analysis especially offered in a factual context. Just give me the facts. I have a mind, I can use it. If you think we should all be better informed then maybe the information should be better and more precise.

11. Fiber folk and blogging, a great first year for me. Thank you so much for stopping in and commenting, reading my blog and sharing yours. It's all been wonderful.


  1. I'm right there with you!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I found your blog through the comment you left on Leigh's post about her wood floors. I thought...this woman knows what she speaks of. Besides you having the same wonderful name as my wife; I find this posting of your list. Dead on! Look forward to reading back through your blog. Have a happy new year....PEACE

  3. Uhm...have you been reading my mind? This post was so "me" it was scary.

    a subcategory under packaging: producet package zip lock bags that don't (zip or lock).

    Happy New Year!

  4. Great list Theresa! All things that have gone through my mind.
    On China - my husband fought with his old company to keep jobs in the US, won some battles because hi-tech from China was so bad but lost on other fronts. He was there numerous times visiting their factory along with others - may conditions deplorable - dangerous, no heat, no air.....Craftsman tool factory scared him just to be in there.

  5. With respect I'm going to have to disagree somewhat with #1. The $1200 the Republicans gave us was very much appreciated not to mention much needed as well as useful! The weekly $13 from the Democrats was soon more than gobbled up by two pay cuts.

  6. Leigh, respectfully accepted. Right or wrong in any one's given eyes, this list is simply some of the stuff that drove me buggy in 2009.

  7. Ooh, the spandex thing. It's in all the jeans brands that fit me, now, and it makes them hot and scratchy. Drives me bonkers! I won't buy them, so I'm left with, basically, two pairs of pants. They're also started putting it in the tops of cotton socks instead of elastic. It never eases, so whenever you buy new socks, you can look forward to them cutting off your circulation at the calf FOREVER. It amazes me that these innovations in the garment industry are always pandemic. You'd think there'd be a lot of money in offering choices to the picky people.

  8. I'm sure we could all have a cranky blog debate about each and every item in your list.....but I'll try to refrain in spirit of holiday, I mean post-holiday food overdose.

    I'm pretty sure if my jeans didn't have spandex involved, I'd be doomed right about now!


  9. I'm with you!!!!
    Great list.
    Love it.

  10. Tactfully done, I must say and laugh out loud funny considering the subject matter. I had to read the list to Ian - anything to procrastinate from packing. I hate to pack. Can't I hire a third-world green card immigrant to do it for me? Okay, now I'm tacky.

    You omitted how we have to be nice to the Nigerians since they have our oil and to the Afghanistans since they have our poppies - they have the keys to the nose candy kingdom. The snow is making me morose. It's a good thing I'm getting a time out.

  11. Oh my no, not spandex in socks too now.
    Sue, If I could get into my jeans with or without spandex I'd probably be happy, right now...sweats! ;-)
    Sharon, have a wonderful trip!

  12. Wow, anything else on your mind! I agree with many of your thoughts-