Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's A Start...

I feel rather foolish that while I can manage a warp and tie up of triple weave on a countermarche loom, I am somewhat flummoxed by the simplicity of a tapestry pipe loom. It became apparent that stuff would have to be removed to warp it. The wood shedding device needed the little eye screws removed to slide it out. I took the wood stand part off, tightened it up and set it aside for later use. Finally I was left with nothing more than the most basic of items. A frame and some cotton twine for warp. I decided for better or worse to sett at 6 epi and do a continuous warp 8 inches across. A piece of painters tape with inches marked out on the top of the loom was my guide. The two strings at either side held it all together while I got the warp on, since the top pipe piece rests over the threaded rod and is not actually held on in any way other than gravity. That was as far as I got.

I need to make heddles for each of the warp threads, two colors,one for each shed of a tabby weave. I also need to decide just what to weave. I think that's the hardest part. Lots of grand ideas and no skills! So, I'm simplifying or trying to simplify at least. It might be better to just do something that is nothing but has me learning the techniques, but I prefer to have it "be" something.
Some of my ideas have been to use tangrams to tell a simple story since they can represent endless shapes, another of a fox and tree in the snow, another of hanging prayer flags. Gene liked the idea of weaving a prayer flag image into the tapestry but it might be too simple. So as you can see, I am up to my eyeballs in ideas and picking one can sometimes be the biggest hurdle to a creative endeavor, at least for me!

On farm news I got my wish, the ground is completely frozen. The temps around here the last few days have really been quite cold for this time of year. It's 12 degrees F (-11c?) this morning. Yesterday we barely made it up to 25F. I was going to ride but didn't. There was ice everywhere and it makes walking hard and riding fairly dangerous. Instead I went out and did something I promised a good friend I would do.

The day before Thanksgiving my friend and I laid to rest her much loved and long time companion dog Sadie in the special area where all the loved fur kids go. I had promised to put out a Rainbow Bridge flag for Sadie and to make a stone cairn to mark her special place and it was done yesterday.

As I may be as crazy as the proverbial mad hatter, I talked with all the girls, called them to me if only just to remember how much they all loved a walk on a crisp day. Sadie came too, just as honored, loved and respected.


  1. The tyranny of too many good ideas! I know it well!! Good to see you using the tapestry loom now too. A simpler loom doesn't necessarily make setting things up simpler!!

    That's a beautiful idea to have prayer flags for departed dogs. I talk to my pups too, even after they've gone. (Isn't it nice to know you have company in madness?)

    We got our first snow here yesterday even though it hasn't really been cold yet. Pics coming soon!


  2. I am hoping my son is going to make me one of those little pipe looms! Love those prayer flags - they feel like good energy even from a photo. Evelyn

  3. What a neat loom! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

    The prayer flags are wonderful and I know Sadie was right there with you!

  4. What a lovely way to remember them! Next spring, we are going to make a cat garden where our beloved cats are buried, the latest, Neil, who died on November 14th. But I love the idea of the flags!!!

  5. Storystudios, so sorry to hear about your cat Neil. Having a special spot does help.

    Julie, I can't wait to see what I do with it either!

    Thank you Evelyn. I think they have nice energy too.
    I hope you get that pipe loom too!

    Okay Sue, we'll be crazy ( in a good way) together.
    Hoping to see those snow pics. Our storm fizzled out but the cold stayed around. Love the use of tyranny in reference to ideas. I still haven't settled yet but I'm leaning towards one more than the others

  6. Hi Theresa, my fingers are a bit stiff with the cold as I just came in from changing the laundry over.
    I have a tapestry pipe loom and have enjoyed it. A prayer flag would not be too simple trust me! Tapestry may be simple but it isn't easy and using the KISS principle is a good idea when it comes to tapestry weaving.
    I love using the prayer flags to honor our furry children. They are such important beings in our lives.
    Now tell me, will it warm up around here soon? I suppose I will be complaining about the heat in no time!

  7. I admire anyone who does tapestry weaving. It's not as easy as it looks, but gosh the things one can do with it. I can see why it is so appealing.

    I love the idea of a Rainbow Bridge flag. Very special.

  8. What a sweet way to memoralize Sadie. I thought I chose well for my two dogs - my running companions. I lost them close together so took their ashes up the canyon where we ran and spread them at the base of the willow trees that they especially loved because they barked at the magpies up in the branches. Within the year, that area was incorporated, developed, the trees ripped up and area paved over. I was so glad we had moved before it happened, but still.

  9. Hurray for you on getting it warpped! You'll have it by the second or third go around like a champ and I'll be calling you for advice! No matter what you do - you can always just call it a sampler so it can be something!

  10. Theresa,

    I do thank you so much for the beautiful prayer flag you chose for Sadie. I miss her a lot, but know she couldn't be in a better spot. She loved other dogs, and I'm glad she's near "the girls", she would enjoy that.