Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Middle

We are half way through our visit and there has been a lot of weaving going on. (Bested only by wine consumption. Hail the grape!!!) My Father is just about half way through his warp. We made some changes along the way. He didn't like the taupe he started out with for weft and the cream would have had no contrast for the center pattern to show.
On Friday morning, (after the 14 hour power failure), we hopped in the car and drove off to Llamas & Llambs in Jacksonville to find a suitable weft. Kathy helped him find a darker tan silk in just about the correct weight and he went with that. He's been weaving in earnest since.

My mother and I have had fun popping into town for our usual little shopping forays. One inevitably takes us around looking for just the right piece of jewelry. My mother LOVES all things small and sparkly!:-) She has two people stopping by to check on the cats at home and decided to find a nice little bauble for each of them. Their baubles are tucked neatly away for the trip home, but my little something is here. These pretty earrings are dogwoods.

The necklace would have been my first choice but was long gone and after seeing a picture it was a more a ring of dogwoods and not my true taste. Gene will easily turn these into two simple necklaces, one for myself and one for my Mother, although she doesn't know it.

On farm news, it's been a bit unsettled weather wise. Rain, snow, wind. You get the muddy wet picture. Hopefully we'll have some nice dry cool days this last week of the visit. My oven door springs broke and my glasses broke. Gene is fixing the oven door today since we are doing an early Thanksgiving dinner and glasses, complete with new lens prescription have been ordered. I have finally had to go to bifocals. Squinting or two pairs of glasses are not options. Thank god I had an old, old pair saved which do allow me to drive.

Puck the black cat has been spotted again these last few days and a hint of Bond in the air but no evidence of even a stop by. I spied the little owl again yesterday morning in a tree by the goat enclosure. Coyotes made an audible appearance Friday night with all sorts of yipping and howling through the woods early in the evening, around 9:30p.m.
Dennett is in seventh heaven since my Father likes to take him on a daily walk.


  1. I can't believe the visit is half over already. Lots of weaving and wine - sounds like fun!

    14 hours without power is a long time. If your house is like ours (with a well), when we have no power we also don't have running water.

    I love it that you went on an emergency yarn run with your dad. My father and yarn don't really mix.

    The dogwood earrings are beautiful. That's a great idea to turn them into matching necklaces!!

    A power failure, broken glasses, and a broken oven door? Hmmmm....I would try to blame the whole thing on all that wine you mentioned, but I really don't think wine could have caused the power failure especially! Hope your luck turns around soon!! I hope the glasses thing works out well for you.

    We haven't heard coyotes yet this fall, but I'm sure we will soon. They would have been a perfect additional Halloween ingredient!


  2. Oh your fathers weaving is just lovely. I'm sure your having such a fun time with there visit.

    I haven't seen any coyotes around here but we know there here. But I did see a fox walking down the street.

  3. I agree, the weaving is beautiful! It's so womderful that he's spending time with that. Who was interested first in weaving - you or him? I love the idea of turing the earrings into necklaces - and what a great durprise for your mother. What do the dgos do when the coyotes howl? Did you hear the coyotes on Halloween? That would have been very spooky!

  4. I think it's wonderful that you and your father have weaving in common. I think few women have a weaving parent and even fewer have a weaving father - lucky you.

    Bifocals are a learning curve. I still have to take mine off to walk down stairs because I can't see my feet or the steps.

  5. I love the dogwood earrings! Especially in silver. And the weaving is coming along beautifully.

    Do you need some commiserations on the bifocals? It took me months to get used to mine. I went with old fashioned ones at first and the next time switched to progressives. I do like them better (that is after I got used to them :)

  6. Sue, yes we have a well so water was a problem but usually there is enough pressure and water in the pipes to get most needs met for a little while.
    Julie, I do enjoy sharing the hobby.
    Jennifer, I as the first weaver in the family, thought it a good hobby for a retired engineer. The dogs listen attentively but surprisingly,no barking.
    Leigh, I ordered the old fashioned kind with the line. I've never had bifocals before and figured I would get use to what I had and they were scads less inexpensive. My mid range vision is fine, it's distance and close work and I always have my glasses on a leash around my neck, so two pair wouldn't work. Hope I can get use to them. I had the close work part set fairly low.