Friday, November 20, 2009

Into the Wind

Winter solitude-
In a world of one color
The sound of wind.
-Matsuo Basho


  1. Beautiful picture! I'd love it for a week!

  2. No Sue - not nice. We had gusts up to 83 mph yesterday as the storm system moved in. It brought me no pleasure!

  3. Oh Sharon, I think Sue was commenting on the picture...
    Wow, we had some wind but nothing hurricane force, isn't 80 mph when it turns into a a hurricane?
    Glad everyone is okay.

  4. What different weather we have, you and I, in the same state! Our horses stay tucked in the barn in winter; all our rain would give them non-insulating wet hair and rain rot. Speaking of, I need to go down and clean stalls.

    I've never been to Ashland; would love to someday.

  5. Michelle,
    Even down in the valley from us, the weather is vastly different than up here at elevation. Dandy came from WA state with a terrible case of rain rot but has not had a problem since. They do have a roomy and dry run in in the paddock and I have one hardship stall in the barn. There are many times I wish I had a barn to tuck them all into when we have the endless days of rain. They have all seemed to do well tho, even the youngsters when they were weanlings. The fir and pine trees provide an amazing amount of shelter and Cooper prefers them to the shelter in snow.

    Ashland is a wonderful place to visit ( and live) lots to do and of course the Shakespeare Festival runs from March-Oct. with lots of plays. One great LYS too! ;-)

  6. Yes, Ashland is beautiful but we still had to roll up our awning last night down here and walking the dog in sideways freezing rain was a bit like being dipped in icy water! I am still totally enchanted with the beauty of the area though!