Monday, November 30, 2009

Triple Weave Update

I am very happy so far with the blanket progress. The triple weave is working out just how it should. There was only one spot where I caught myself making a mistake in treadling and easily unwoven and restarted correctly. The addition of the fishing line and using the temple has meant very little abrasion on the selvage edges. We've had no breakage what so ever and I might add, it is actually Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift used for the pink. I didn't like the Harrisville pink I ordered, it had too much violet in it for my taste. While both shetland 2 ply, the Jamieson's is a much softer spin, making it more delicate in this application. My selvage ends are not stellar, but they aren't bad either. The wool likes to slide around on the fishing line and I think in the end, once the line is pulled from the blanket and the piece is finished, they will be decent serviceable edges.

The folds also are looking much better than on the twill blanket. Not crammed at all and the fishing line has helped there also, as has the temple. The 10 epi set looks just about right too.

I have thoroughly enjoyed weaving this so far and have about 30-36 inches done including the stripe sequence that will be at either end.

On other weaving news I am woefully behind on the prayer flags and am spending the whole day catching up on them. The house will get a lick and a promise vacuum and it will just have to do until next week. ;-)

Now, there is another little loom that has been keeping me up late at night studying. I saw this and with a little negotiating it managed to find it's way to my house.

It needs some TLC, a new string to hold the stand open, maybe some minor modifications but I think will be great fun to try my hand again at a small piece of tapestry. Both Jennifer and Tommye have been extremely helpful with making sense of this piece of equipment and of course, the inspiration to even try in the first place! Mentions should also go out to a couple of other blogs which, if you haven't visited, you should! Go on...;-)
They are:
Kathe Todd-Hooker (who also happens to have written a couple of very useful tapestry books)

Onto farm news, the horses were indeed overjoyed with the treats. The goats too and I had Cece latch on to me like velcro once she got a whiff of the berry treats.

I just about completed my holiday shopping but have a couple things still to get via the internet. I finally made my dive into town yesterday and while it was picking up in the center of Ashland by the time I left around noon, I'm sure it was a lot quieter than either Friday or Saturday would have been. I purchased a wonderful little pin to use for my much loved woven shawl.

Carol and Kris at the Web-sters brought out an amazing selection of shawl pins. I felt like a queen surrounded by treasure there were so many to chose from and all beautiful. I also ordered a sweaters worth of Rowan's British Sheep Breeds in the Steel Grey Suffolk. This is earmarked for my Dad, but I will also be taking home a good amount of the Black Welsh for a sweater for myself. I love love love this yarn. Minimally processed, good springy wool in the natural colors of each of the breeds offered.

The weather, which could be called Indian Fall, is predicted to be just perfect this week. Cold and clear at night and sunny and in the low 40's during the day. Perfect for riding, perfect for dog walking or any other thing you might want to do outside. Mother Nature is always the perfect muse especially when this might be your other choice......


  1. A tapestry loom! Very exciting!!! Can't wait to see what direction you head with it!

    Glad the triple weave is going so well for you! That's great!!

    Over the weekend, after sitting in some chilly spaces, I've begun to see how I could use a shawl or two or three. (In fact, I could use one right now in my chilly sunroom - or maybe just a nice throw or blanket for this spot!)

    Happy Monday!


  2. Love the blanket! Your weaving is just beautiful and it makes me want to get something on my loom. I know I say that every time I just better do something about it!

  3. Wow - that is patience to be weaving triple weave. But seeing as weaving is what we all like to do...;)

  4. If you're looking to learn about tapestry you've got an excellent teacher out your way, Barbara Schoonover. Her contact info is on our guild membership list. She regularly teaches. Everyone that has taken her class has turned out incredible first time tapestries.

  5. The shawl pin IS perfect! I had to guffaw when I saw the last picture however. What a wonderful muse... I'm still chuckling.

    Web-sters Carol

  6. The color of the blanket are beautiful, but I'm not quite sure what a triple weave is.

  7. Charlotte, triple weave is basically doing three layers instead of two ( double width) or a single layer. I should probably refer to it as triple width....

    Carol, Wonderful muse, try living with him!;-)

    Cindie, Thank you for the contact. She's pretty darn close.

    Evelyn, yes, weaving good and it is going surprisingly far.

    Julie, yes, go put a warp on that loom of yours and thank you for the compliment on the blanket. I hope it will be as pretty as it promises on the loom.

    Sue, I wasn't really a shawl fan until I made this one. I think I need to make myself more. Just that little bit of something is oh so nice.

    If I don't get these prayer flags done there will be no play with either the blanket OR the tapestry loom...back to writing prayers.

  8. That's one cozy looking pup! *lol

    The blanket is looking really good. Fishing line is a good idea.

    Glad to hear the treats were a hit, but I'm not surprised :)

  9. You know revealing the pipe loom does put a bit of pressure out there doesn't it??? Hey will the goats eat the old, not so great treats??? I thought they would eat anything! Love the last photo, but the puppy doesn't look so sure!