Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

So, after cleaning and getting yet MORE laundry moving through the system, it was time for baking that cake for Matt the giver of wild meat. I'm pretty much a one trick pony when it comes to baking sweets. It could be because I am not much for eating sweet baked goods so they never really earned a place in my culinary repertoire. The exception is pineapple upside down cake that has been a staple in my life.

My Grandmother made them under the direction of her mother ( who I remember) and passed the recipe along to my mother, who in turn passed it on to me. That and it's simple. The only thing needed out of the ordinary is a cast iron skillet. It's beautiful and sweet but not so sweet like most of the cakes and frosting's I taste today. And of course the first bite always transports me to some neglected memory that needed dusting off.

Gene took the cake down to the fire station for Matt since it was training night. I hope it was shared and that Matt got to take a piece or two home for later.

Speaking of sharing, cats and dogs don't always share as nicely as we would like. This isn't often apparent since mostly, they like different things. Once in a while, it's a problem. So it was with the snuggle round bed that I put on the floor for Jack to curl up in by the loom. Rodger the cat is now spending more time in with onset of colder, wetter weather and his place of choice is, as you've guessed, Jacks bed. There has been growling and swatting and pitiful paw wringing and tail flicking, hair has gone up and hissing has alerted the whole household to the rift. Now what happens is whoever loses the bed then stalks over and takes over some other hapless souls sleeping area and so on and so on until I have ended up with a household of displaced dogs. I can sit from my desk chair and watch it happen. It is the classic "and the little one said Rollover, Rollover, and they all rolled over and the one fell out...."
There was only one thing to do and that was to buy another bed. For $16.00 order has been restored down the line.

Everyone is sleeping in their own "just right" spot and peace now reins again in the little kingdom.

Oh look, I've disturbed the sleeping beauties!


  1. Mmmmm - cake!

    Did you say anything else? I got stuck there!

    Oh yes, the picture of sleeping critters curled up in little beds brought me back to my senses!

    But I guess the camera woke them up.


  2. Yummy thats our favorite cake!! Your sweet little babies look so cozy!

  3. I must have esp - last night I put a round snuggle bed in the trunk of the mustang to bring to guild for you today! It was the bed Bailey won in the raffle for the Canine Angels benefit in September. I kept having hopes he would use it but he only fits if he's curled up as small as he can get.....and that's not comfortable in his eyes - he's spreads out when he sleeps and at 80 pounds he takes up a lot of space.....like half a king size bed.

  4. I have to tell you that I so enjoy reading your posts. I love the way you described the bed situation :)

    I bought what I thought looked like a nice comfy bed for my dog and neither she nor the cats will have anything to do with it. Lay a t-shirt on our bed though and they're right on top of it.

  5. We've had the dog bed competition going on here ourselves, with a tiny 8-pound cat in the shuffle. The giant adopted lab has decided to take matters in her own hands. She chewed up a bed. Competition solved.