Friday, November 20, 2009

Blanket Progress

Oh gosh, don't expect to see the start of weaving. We're not there yet, but I am about 2/3 through all the threading now. This was taken at just under half.

It's slow going because a redo for a threading error would be a pain and if there is a mistake on the middle layer I might not spot it since that is the one layer that cannot be seen easily from either top or bottom.
The 30 epi gets a crammed feeling in the heddles.

I can't imagine taking this yarn to 15 epi except for coat fabric. It seems like it would be pretty stiff. I have had company while working though. It's so cute. When the cat leaves his bed, even though it is very small, someone spies the empty bed within minutes and takes over. This time it was Peter.

He folds himself up in there in the most amazing way until he's nothing more than a small furry donut with ears, eyes and a nose. Jack was happily snoozing in his
bed next to this one, both next to the loom.

I came home with neither buffalo nor lobster yesterday, much to Gene's relief! I can only imagine what the horses would do upon seeing a couple of buffalo. Dandy actually has a lot of "cow" sense and has no problems with herding them. Cooper, not so much. Nick has seen a cow or two and youngsters Boo and Imp have never seen one. In any event, horses are visual creatures and a buffalo looks nothing like a cow. All the horses noticed the new glasses even when people did not. Both dogs and horses are masters of body language and facial expressions and I would be hard pressed to say who was better. Horses certainly have the edge with body language and dogs may be a bit better with facial expressions. Goats just want to know if you have raisins in your pocket for treats. Buffalo=Rodeo. ;-)

So back to weaving content. I have the whole housebound weekend before me, the blanket to get ready to start and that prayer flag warp that has to be done by next weekend. I have an order from the pet store I put the two in that sold. She'll take as many as I can weave.

The festival and show season has started around Ashland. This weekend is the Clayfolk Show & Sale. It's one of my very favorites here and sadly, due to the first big snowstorm moving in today, I don't think I'm going to make it. The prediction of snow is ranging anywhere from 6 inches up to 14 inches and possibly higher. They never really know up here in the mountains. We'll wait and see how the roads pan out on the first true plowing of the season. It looks like it's going to be a white Thanksgiving!


  1. Just so you know, I'm commenting while sitting on the floor next to my loom in a sea of Texsolv!! (I just finished washing the rest of the grungy Texsolv from my loom, and then sorting it and pulling out what I need to add 2 more shafts! Yay!! I do have mysterious extra parts left over....but I easily have enough to get to 8 shafts without that will keep me busy for a while.)

    OK, more than enough about me! (I just knew you'd want a progress report!)

    I never thought about how hard it would be to see errors in a center part of triple weave. Makes total sense. I'm in awe of your blanket already!!

    I've often wondered if it's really comfortable for dogs to be in a ball like that. It must be, because they sleep that way so often - maybe like a coyote or fox or wolf in a den. That little bed is really cute!!

    We're having a rainy day here, but we've had a mild November in the 50's. No snow on the ground yet at all!! Good luck with your first winter storm for the season. It's not the first one that bugs me's the frequent storms in early February that are challenges to my sanity!

    Time for breakfast!


  2. Well I'm glad you have a great hobby like weaving to do while it snows! New buffalo and a snowstorm would be a bit much at the same time - I can't imagine 6 - 12 inches, but I know I would go nowhere! Sounds like potato soup and pots of tea!

  3. That looks like one big weaving project! But it sounds like a good thing to start on with all that snow!

  4. You sure have an awful lot of threads there! Good luck with the storm!

  5. Do you use a threading hook? Everything seems all tight in, close together - not at all hand sized.

  6. Sue, I did want to know! HEY!!!!
    Dogs must be comfortable, because even the old guy still curls up although not as tightly as he use to.

    LOL, Jennifer yes, snow AND buffalo would be over doing it.

    Julia, the blanket should keep my busy for at least some of the winter.

    Charlotte, good to see you. It's probably not so many when I think of all the weavers doing very fine fabrics, but for me it's a lot.

    Sharon, I use my fingers to thread and a hook only for sleying