Friday, November 13, 2009

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Hey, that's no gauntlet, that's not even a carrot or a measly bit of hay! That's an old glove that happens to smell like all of those things. Even horses know when they've been cheated! ;-) It wasn't intentional, the camera is very small and I can't hit the buttons with my gloves on. These two boys have been together 8 years now.

I had water tanks to scrub and fill and fences to check so even though it was a grey snowy day I thought I would take the camera out with me and get some shots of curls.
I usually end up with lots of shots of horse noses but here are a few of some of the curls.

Imp is my worst nose offender BTW, and shooing him with one hand only got me this.

He'll bring his head right around into my face in a second. I've worked on spacial issues with this fellow since he's arrived. Maybe the two days he was a bottle baby did make a difference. Imprinting is strong in most baby animals. He's a big in your pocket sweetie though and has learned to cheat a bit. The feet stay where they should but the neck stretches wonderfully.

Boo does stay in his allotted space and has just the most perfect curls on his fore head.
It's present all year but really stands out in the winter.

Cooper has gotten his waves and ripples. While not terribly curly in the middle parts, his rump and neck get crowded with these lovely marcel waves.

Dandy is enjoying a carrot treat. I caught him mid chew. He gets a soft but crowded curl and of course, that stunning copper orange color deepens.

Against a field of white snow he glows like the Great Pumpkin. This bright sorrel is my very favorite horse color.

Lastly because they are curly also, a picture of the girls. What a silly bunch they are. Thy are all watching Sylvie investigate.

I headed to do a small hike around the front of the property and everyone had to join in. My quiet walk in the woods turned into 5 goats jostling and jogging. bleating for me to slow down while they crashed through woods keeping up. How relaxing!


  1. Everyone looks so beautiful in their curls! And toastly despite the snow in the background! Even thought the walk in the woods was not peacful I hope it was at least humorous - a good laugh can be relaxing!

  2. Love seeing the snow (and the curls), glad you're keeping it up there and I'm not dealing with it right now......although not so sure about overnight.

  3. Glad you warned us that there was snow out there!! That way I could just enjoy these pics!

    Love the picture of the goats!! (And the mental picture of you walking through the woods with a herd!)


  4. Jennifer, the curls really are marvelous. After the snows have cleaned them up it's a pleasure to bury your fingers in all that soft warmth. The underbellies by the back leg are as soft as cashmere and they all love a scritch or two there.
    As annoyed as I sometimes get with the girls, it is funny walking in the woods with them. They hate any weather that isn't warm and sunny, so it's to their credit they suck up and follow me.

    Cindie, we'll be sending some of the white stuff your way tonight I'll bet. Sun tomorrow, I might even get into town..finally.

    Oh Sue, yes, a goat herd is not the thing to have with you wildlife watching. I doubt we could sneak up on Dennett. Remember that we have a bell "wether" actually a doe, Sylvie, so not only do you hear bleating and crashing around, but we get it all with bells! When they get nervous they crowd around their chosen caretaker and it's like a Monty Python sketch trying to walk. If something really scares them, they run back to the paddock and I find myself thinking of the MP sketch..."Run Away Run Away..." ;-)

  5. Boy, you did get the snow. Thanks so much for taking those pictures because I absolutely enjoyed them. I had to laugh at your comment about what you get taking pictures with one hand. I see people all the time shooting with one hand and wonderful how on earth they do it. I might as well not take a picture at all if I'm not going to use two hands.

    Your one house with the marcel waves looks like he got snowed on!

  6. Wow, you have snow. Nice curls, BTW.

  7. Snow - you have snow! I thought these may have been photos from last year - crap! That means the snow will be heading my way. We usually get our first whopper the beginning of December.