Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The folks pulled in on Sunday right on time. Which for my Dad means 15 minutes after the Patriots game ended. I did get a few calls along the way for score updates, so between cooking , last minute cleaning and critter patrol, I was keeping ears and eyes on the football games.

Monday found my Dad busy planning his warp, yesterday we wound it on.

I suspect between activities today he'll be threading. This is 10/2 bamboo at 24 epi for two table runners. I think it's 14" in the reed. He'll be using the Landis Valley Linen pattern out of Davison's classic book of 4 shaft patterns.

I had sampled this pattern for him way back when I had the bamboo first in my possession. He also helped me get all the harnesses adjusted on the Delta loom since I wasn't happy with the slight unevenness of some of them. He showed me how to use the adjustment screws Louet has for just that sort of thing.

On farm news, the weather has been pretty crappy. The last 3 years visits brought cool crisp sunny days, this year, rain and snow. With luck, the unsettled weather will clear out and give us some great days to enjoy outside.

The Greensprings Fire & Rescue Harvest Festival had a wonderful turnout. Good food,
good band and lots of great raffle prizes. The big prize was a lovely quilt. There were also lots of fun stuff in the silent auction including my 3 little towels which I am happy to report garnered $65.00. Folks who attended where more than generous with all their bidding since this is one of our only fund raising events.

Gene has been getting up earlier, can't say why, but I'll leave you with this gem. Full morning feeding regalia! ;-)

A vision no?


  1. You guys wasted no time getting that warp on the loom!! 2 table runners....Hmmmmm....will they be separated by a whole continent as soon as they're done??

    We've had a weird fall too. Rain at bad times for foliage and not many of the crisp sunny days that I love. (I guess that will make for better blogging next fall in these parts!)

    Huge congrats on your towels fetching such a good price at the auction!! Very cool!!

    Hope you guys have a great visit and I look forward to seeing what two weavers in one house end up creating!!


  2. I love the feeding attire! Would suit me just fine for early morning dog walk other than the light on the head - I'm not going out there when it's dark enough to require that - too many forest critters!
    Can't wait to see your Dad's runners finished - have fun.

  3. I'm with Cindie...if it's dark, stay inside! I looked out last night when up for a bathroom break to find red eyes looking back at me in the night! TOO CREEPY!!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished runner. Have a great visit.


  4. A vision, YES! *LOL I shouldn't laugh though. Dan is anxious to finish our fence and that may be me in the upcoming months.

    Beautiful warp. Can't wait to see some weaving on it.

  5. Thanks for the laugh - that's a vision all right and a sight for sore eyes! (Love the warp!)

  6. Lovely colors, I look forward to follow this project!

  7. In that spotless kitchen - of course it's a vision!!! Hope you all have a great visit!!

  8. Oh Susan, red that would have peaked my interest to go see what it was!

    Sue, alas, the runners are both slated for the journey east. One if for the table one for the buffet. He has been working like a production weaver though, got the loom threaded, sleyed and tied on ready to go today. More pictures soon.

    Leigh, Sharon,Cindie and Jennifer, if anyone needs tips about what works in weather and what doesn't for "vision" gear, just ask! Warm water proof boots that last have been the hardest thing.

    Charlotte, the warp is very pretty and I love the colors. Knowing that they are spot on with the dining room rugs makes me all the more excited to see the runner's woven and being shown off in the very formal dining room

  9. I can't wait to see the weaving! My daughter called and asked me to knit a scarf for her but I'm thinking a should weave one. Maybe that will get me started!

  10. I can't wait to here your dad's review of the Delta. A comparison of Delta vs. Spring. You go dad!