Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slinging Paint

Which is just about what I feel like doing. I'm so glad that after this room, I can put the paint cans, rollers, brushes, stirrers, and tape away for a few months. I could say I saved the best for last. Sure if you are an acrobat. Angled walls, wide and deep tub and high ceilings coupled with a two tone paint job and added trim have all conspired to make this more than slinging mere paint! The problem with bathrooms is they have fixtures and if you could move them out of the way or the room, I guess they wouldn't be considered as such.

So yesterday was spent standing on the toilet seat and straddling the tub. The tub walls where the hardest although it was interesting getting on and off the ladder in the shower stall. All the high portions are done in the allotted cream color, both coats. Today we'll (that would be Jack and I, Gene always manages to disappear during a painting marathon) tackle the lower portions in the bright spring green. Later in the week, trim. It is at this moment that I am bowing to whatever gods gave us the bright idea of old barn board around the tub. It means I NEVER have to paint it. The barn board came from an old barn that gave up the ghost our first winter while we were building. Good thing too because I'm not sure I would be able to get around it and no one is up for moving a cast iron clawfoot tub of unknown vintage. As you can see by the picture, I started while it was still dark outside. If you got to do it, might as well start early so you have some daylight on the other end.

On farm news, Puck the black cat has been sighted again on the property, twice, by me.
Once on the front porch at a bag of garbage waiting to be driven down to the barrel bin and yesterday morning sleeping on top of the hay inside the barn. Yesterday afternoon the horses where all practicing their solar collection routines, five flat horses all napping in the sun on the hill. I wanted to go out and put pillows under each of their heads they looked so peaceful until someone started dreaming. The feet started to move, and in the process that kicked up dust onto another horse and up he got waking everyone up with the shaking and stomping and mosey off to the water trough.
The saddles are in the house for their fall cleaning. I am half way through towel number 3 of the waffle weave warp and hope to finish it up later today or tomorrow.
The loom will then get a good cleaning and lay in wait for my Dad to put some magic on it. The colors of bamboo cones we picked out two years ago are beautiful and match their dining room rug to a T. I can hardly wait to see what gets woven up.


  1. I wish we were close to being done painting!!!! I feel like I shouldn't even type about painting today, because it might give Jim the idea that we should pick up our paint brushes - and I so don't want to!

    Good for you for getting up so early to get started! (Although I know you get up super early anyway!!)

    Can't wait to see what you and your father cook up together!!


  2. Solar collection routine - flat horses. That's great imagery. Every so often I'll look out and see the llamas doing that and I'm startled because they look dead. And then the legs start to cycle, dust clouds grow and then they roll onto their backs to do the hokey pokey, all about.

    I've left an award for you on my blog, so the next time you're there, please pick it up!

  3. I understand what 'standing on the toilet' and 'staddling the tub' is all about and you have my full sympathies!

    While the painting here is far from done ( only a cease fire) was nice not to have to mount up with paint gear and trappings this fall.

    It sure is a good feeling when its all done though isn't it?


  4. I've just started painting the dining room so I feel your pain. Living room is next. When we re-do the first bath, I'm going to wallpaper it!

    I really like the idea of the old barn boards. Nice touch. The spring green on the other hand, would be a bit daring for me!

  5. Oh don't put your paint stuff away, come on over we are starting on Wednesday painting my son and daughter-n-law's whole upstairs of there new home. We have to be done by Thursday night, carpet is being laid on Friday!

  6. I absolutely love it when Shadow runs in his sleep. i can't imagine magnifying that up to what a horse would do! I could see it being a problem to the others though!!! I'm glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel for the painting. I always tell myself though that I'd rather paint than hang wall paper!!!