Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Paint Cans Goeth Away

Painting projects for 2009 are finally a wrap. It's been a long four days on the bathroom but I am very happy with it. If you don't like green, and I'm talking bright apple green, you won't like it. But I love green and since I am surrounded by greens of every deep shade and hue, this bright kiwi makes me feel like I'm walking smack dab into spring every time I turn on the bathroom light.

The paint cans, the brushes, the tapes and the rollers are all heading down for a long winters nap in basement. It didn't seem like I got a lot done paint wise this year but I did. The huge master bedroom, the back room with it's new windows and painted floor, the guest room and the bathroom. 2010 no doubt will see all the paraphernalia resurface.

I love these Day of the Dead pictures. And yes, they may be a little bizarre, but isn't that the charm?

They are around the tub and always make me laugh when I take a moment to actually use that nice big soaking tub. The third one is of a rider and a rearing horse. The flash didn't like the glass.

On farm news, Puck is still around, but he's been keeping a pretty low profile and since the heavens opened up yesterday with biblical proportion rains and wind I didn't expect to see him slinking about outside. The horses are pretty cranky. It was so nice just a few days ago and yesterday tails and manes were flying in the wind and everyone was wet and slopping in mud. The goats are bereft. They hate rain. I turned their shelter around so it wasn't facing into the wind.
I am taking old man Dennett to the vet this morning. This is his annual visit and we'll check his blood pressure since he is on heart medication. Pogo is going along for the ride. I'll let the vet and her two helpers clip Jaws nails this time. See if they can do a better job with the little piranha!
No weaving has happened to speak of, but soon. I need to get those towels done and off the loom. Maybe this afternoon while lasagna sauce is cooking....


  1. Very happy green - it would definitely make me smile! Lasagna sauce? Are you willing to share the recipe???

  2. I love green and your bathroom is great and bright! We are going today to paint with our daughter-n-law and we are painting light tan and dark tan. I really tried to get her to paint the laundry room a fun color but she really doesn't like color. I don't think of tan or white as a color.
    Love the pictures!

  3. what a cheery bathroom - I love it...........and I love all greens!

  4. Yay! More time for play... er, weaving! GREAT bathroom art - must come from your time in Texas.

  5. Love the new look! Greens figured prominantly here when the paint crew was working.... and again next spring. It's a fresh colour and in the right tones, calming.

    Love the ardvaark or armadillo on the barn shelf! He'd fit in with my barn wire and coloured glass bead gecko that walks up the wall in my kitchen!

  6. Congrats on completing your painting mission for the year!! Love the kiwi green you chose. We have a too green hallway....that Jim did on his own. Hopefully it's getting scuffed up enough that we can repaint it one of these years!!

    I love the armadillo too! It deserves a closeup!!

    Weaving and lasagna...sounds like the perfect fall afternoon. (OK, my afternoon included knitting and rustic apple tart....also a perfect fall afternoon.)


  7. Good eyes Sue and Susan, it is an armadillo and I'll try to remember a close-up of it as it is a wonderful little piece of Mexican folk art.

    Cadidier, yes, Texas grows on you. I can't say I embraced a lot of the culture but what I did, I enjoyed
    very much.

    Looks like there are a lot of green lovers out there!
    and Jennifer, Ill try to get a recipe one can follow up.

  8. Theresa, it looks great! Very well done in deed. I love the barn boards, the sink, and the sideboard (or whatever it's officially called!) beneath the mirror. Good color choices too. I think you'll enjoy this for a long time to come.

  9. I definitely would turn prune-like in that tub. One of my favorite winter bedtime routines is a good long bath. I have a scrapy quilt on my wall to gaze at but I like your pictures