Monday, October 19, 2009

Weaves of Waffles

The towels for the Greensprings Fire & Rescue silent auction are woven, washed, hemmed, ironed and ready to go.

For some reason this particular tie-up produced a very mushy absorbent weave and of the two I've tried, I like it better. Next time I will make the warp a bit wider than they call for though. I like an oversized towel myself although I did keep one for myself from this warp. It produced 4 towels and about 20" of waste.

This pattern came out of Handwoven's Design Collection 18, A Treasury of Towels. Hey Baby is now bare naked and ready for a good dusting. My Father's warp will be the next thing to go on her.

In fact the whole house is getting it's thorough pre-parental visit top to bottom cleaning. Today, the upstairs and nothing but the upstairs. I washed windows yesterday so it will be a dust,vacuum and wash floors mission. Oh, and my walk in closet needs some attention and the carpet washed in there. The front guest room got some improvements after painting it. I had two twin beds in there and decided a single double bed would be more comfortable. The twins are listed on Craigslist and I found a beautiful iron double bed complete on CL right on the mountain. In fact from a new neighbor not more than 5 doors down and under 2 miles away. At pick up time there was more chit chat going on than wheeling and dealing and it was nice to the see the property getting the TLC it needed and deserved.

On farm news, I haven't seen Bond and he hasn't busted in to my knowledge, but I've smelled him around. Puck the black cat comes and goes. He hasn't been seen for days but judging by the caterwauling last night which prompted me to call Rodger in, he's back for a visit. Rodger has a bite under his chin that is going to require a vet visit this week. I was lucky enough to snap this sweet pic on Saturday after the hustle and bustle of furniture moving through the house. I guess it just exhausted them all. Being under foot is hard work!

Just as I was getting ready to power wash windows outside, Morgan showed up to trim hooves. I forgot, again! There I was in my Sunday best. Holey PJ bottoms, ripped t-shirt and a really god awful old sweatshirt, and let's not forget the muck boots and baseball cap. A vision! Horses now all have pretty trimmed toes and celebrated by racing around the paddock yesterday afternoon, kicking up those clean heels and having a grand time mock fighting.

Well, off to slog out and feed. The rain has returned and we are in the mud production business again! :-)


  1. Your towels look wonderful! I just love the waffle weave.

    Hope you get your work done!

  2. Good for you in discovering some thing new in the weave and keeping one for yourself! The picture is precious! What a find on the iron bed! I've never used Craig's List, but have heard many good things about it!

    I though of you this morning - NPR was relaying a story about the collection of exotic mushrooms in the forests of Oregon this time of year. You don't happen to see any of that do you?

  3. The towels are beautiful! Congrats on a great job!

  4. The towels look excellent! So cushy and absorbent!!

    Good luck with all the cleaning and preparation for your parents visit!!

    You're not the only one who's been caught out in the yard wearing pjs!!! It's happened to me a couple of times and I wish the person who sees me would say "Are those pjs?" because otherwise they just leave with the idea that I wear really weird pants. Although pjs are in style - or were last winter - for teenaged girls at the mall. It was so weird to see people wearing flannel pj pants with funny designs in public. I'm partial to blue pjs with dogs on them myself. I think I have 3 different versions!

    I just ordered reeds for my Toika today! Thought you should be the first to know!!! Can weaving be far behind??


  5. Theresa, the towels are lovely. I had a good laugh at your description of your "Sunday" best. When we stay home on Sundays, I don't look much different as I feel it is my day to "let it all hang out." To answer your question on my last post, Yes, it is a plastic viking helmet! One of the young men at the school brought it in and it became part of the prop room. If you could see what the still life looks like in living color you would probably laugh. The strap running through the picture was florescent orange with a rhinestone buckle.
    I love school so far! It is where I am supposed to be. I have been bringing my drop spindle to relax with when I need to take a break from drawing and one of the young gals wants me to teach her how to spin. Hooray for fiber!-Renee

  6. Aw, too cute. And the towels are fantastic.

  7. Great towels!!!!
    Hope your cleaning finished up before your parents come for their visit. Having someone coming for a visit is a real incentive to clean.

  8. love the towels. Your hems look so good with the waffle weave - how did you do them? Evelyn

  9. I envy your towels, but I think I have that book so will hunt around - after housekeeping. It will be my dessert treat~