Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Slow March of Progress

Well, for me at least it's been pretty slow. I am happy to report the upstairs front bedroom is finally completed. Nothing left to do but give a good cleaning and make the beds. Whew!

Of course the upstairs bathroom is half torn apart. Gene finished off the ceiling and I need to get the chair rail ready to install by painting it. It will be the defining edge for my two tone paint job. Green on the bottom, cream on the top. Good thing it's a small room painted in a lighter color.

The fire & rescue towels are in process. Nothing fancy, just one color for the weft and trying to get them all done in time. I might add something a little fancier color wise in the weft as I near the end of the warp, but who knows.

I'd really like to get back on the rugs but even more, I want to get old spot bottom ( Cooper) out for a ride in the woods and that is first up on the list of things to do today. It's promising to be a cool, crisp and sunny day. Cooper has been sitting in the paddock laying on the winter fat, a little too much of it actually. I'm sure today the ride will be energetic to say the least. Why shouldn't it be!
If he has the energy, I know the hill to climb. A nice long constant grade that he can fritter his reserves on without straining his legs too much, good footing and views that can't be beat. Coming home is all down hill.

On farm news, I have not seen evidence of any Bond break-ins. Gosh, maybe I've finally prevailed? I rather miss the challenge and hope Bond has simply given up and found better skunk foraging places.
No raccoons, no bears and very few deer. Rube the outside boiler is officially in service, Gene is cutting wood, the trees are almost 50/50 in the leaf turning department. Doesn't look like it will be a very good color year. We had an inch of snow on Sunday, pretty early even for us. Wonder who won the pool guessing the first measurable snow fall?

We're planning and plotting things to do for the parental visit. Mount Shasta is on the list and a trip to the Redwoods in CA. That's about as far as we've gotten. We try to have a few things planned but not so many that we can't just say, let's hang at home and do nothing. My Dad has sent along some bamboo. He wants to weave a fancy runner on the Delta, so we'll be weaving too.


  1. love the towels - that organic cotton is so beautiful.

  2. Sounds like you are doing alot of work! I love your weaving, my husband got me a loom for my birthday back in March and I haven't done a thing with it but use the seat to put my quilt on. But winter is coming and so is a shawl or maybe a rug or it could be towels!!!!

    Its nice meeting you!

  3. I think it's wonderful that you and your dad share the love of weaving and you can bet that's most unusual. My dad was a wonderful carpenter and could build anything, including our house, but I simply cannot imagine him at a loom. BTW, I really like the towels and wonder what pattern you're weaving.

  4. Dad sent bamboo? In what form??? I just "saved" a trailer load from someone's yard to play with. I wondered what you are doing!

  5. Yay for finishing a painting job!! Believe me, I cannot wait to be able to say the same thing!

    The waffle weave towels are looking good. Yay for progress!

    Boo for winter fat....at least for MY winter fat. I am not preparing for hibernation, so I should stop eating as if I am!

    First snow already. Yipes! We don't usually get ours until November. We did see snow, and even drive in some flurries, in Colorado. In NH, we have a nice orderly progression - beautiful leaves, first snow, long winter, mud season.

    I like it that you're planning some activities for your parents' visit, and your father is planning a weaving project on your loom!


  6. You've had snow? Wow. We just has a warm spell!

    The front upstairs bedroom looks great! Well done.

    I really like those towels too. Makes me wish I could get to my own loom.