Friday, October 23, 2009

White Glove

Okay, Mom, bring it on! The house has been scrubbed from top to bottom in the annual fall cleaning extravaganza. As per tradition, Gene cleans the kitchen. He volunteered to do it a number of years ago and now, well, it's expected! Of course I get the other 7 rooms and two bathrooms, so don't pity him too much. The mention of bathrooms gets me off on a side note. This house called for two smaller bathrooms upstairs, a master and one to service the other rooms. Now I don't know about anyone else, but walking two steps further down the hall instead of through the master to get to the loo is worth not having yet another bathroom to clean. Instead we have a huge walk in closet. A better use of space as far as I'm concerned. ;-)

Here is Gene on the beginning of his cleaning journey.

And the final product. Ready to turn my soup making Mother out into it!

On farm I have a farm? Oh yes, there are animals out there and they are sorely neglected I might add. With all the cleaning it's been feed runs only. I did get a brush out and give the boys a few swipes each while the water tank was filling. When the grandparents come, everyone will be spoiled with treats and attention.
On weaving all I can say is my looms look quite clean and dusted. Hey Baby is ready to go, BV got a nice gentle vacuuming around the existing rug warp and the Murphy loom is getting a polish up tomorrow. Today is a town day and I have at least 7 stops that I can think of off the top of my head.

And for comic relief I leave you with these shots. Someone decided the roving hanging prepped and ready to spin on the wheel was just too tempting.

Pink mustache anyone?


  1. My husband cleans the garage using a leaf blower. I don't think he knows how to clean a kitchen. Way to go Gene!

  2. WOW! Gene is a real gem - he could make serious money doing that! At least, it's only a once a year to that extent! WOW! Love the pink mustache also - hope you all have a great visit!

  3. I also love the shelves instead of cabinets. That requires discipline to keep them up, but the openness is a great look. You even continued it with the glass front - Hmm I'll have to think about this...

  4. LOL! Love the leaf blower idea. The way I see it, Gene is responsible for at least 75% of the grunge in the kitchen. Me, I do dishes and clean up as I cook.

    Jennifer, the kitchen budget was very small when we built the house, hence we went with wood countertops and butcher block for the island, along with paint grade custom cabinets built locally. I like open cabinets and not having to search for stuff. I don't know how our discipline really is, but no one has walked out on a meal. ;-)
    Jack, is a full time job. Maybe he was trying on stuff for Halloween?

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous - it makes me want to cook!! (Or eat.....but it doesn't take much to inspire me in that direction!)

    A man cleaning out a fridge is a beautiful sight!! (My DH is a better cleaner than I am, but somehow that fridge chore is always mine.)

    Hope you have a great visit with your parents!!!!


  6. Love-love-LOVE your kitchen! I think I could love your husband, too, if he'd come scrub out MY frig. :-)

  7. Hey! You have my (dream) kitchen! That style of cabinets and draw pulls are what I want to have here when we remodel our 70's kitchen.
    I'll go with some glass doors and some solid. I love the plate racks!
    I also like the light fixtures and crown molding. *drool*

    I'm going to show hubby the pictures!

    Oh, now there's aguilty face if I ever saw one! I've been spining at night and happily our Connor is more interested in sleeping than fibre napping!

  8. Great husband!!! Also lovley kitchen!!!!!!

    Looks like your puppy has cotton candy on his nose. CUTE!!

  9. Oh Theresa, I love seeing your kitchen! I envy all that room, *sigh. I love the shelves. I didn't use to think much of them but I'm really craving shelves as I think about my own kitchen. So much easier to see and find stuff. I like your glass cabinet doors too. Very pretty. Good use of color too. I like the white of country kitchens, but it definitely needs color to break up the whiteness. The island has a wood top, what about the counters? What kind of countertop do you have?

  10. What is it with moms and the white glove test! I do the same thing when my parents are visiting. But isn't it a feeling of great accomplishment and calm when the major cleaning is complete.

    I too, along with everyone elso just love your kitchen. I only allow Jim to vacuum as he tends to find wacky ways to clean that drive me nuts. On day I asked him to clean the vanity in the bathroom, only to find him wiping the sink down with a klenex. Geez. I guess he knows it I catch him doing something stupid - I won't ask him to do it again. So, who's the smart one here!

  11. Thank you all! I love my kitchen too, even when it isn't white glove ready. Leigh, the countertops are Oregon fir stained and with 5-6 coats of poly on them. No cutting on them, but who needs to with the butcher block top on the 4x7 foot island. For those that are interested the house plans are on line here:
    We stayed true to the plans more or less, went a little longer to utilize the average length of dimensional lumber and made some bathroom layout changes but you get the idea.

    I have also passed everyone's kudo's along to the hard working kitchen cleaning crew. :-)

  12. Beautiful kitchen, hard work all around, cute furry critter, and do you rent out your husband for cleaning... or yourself? Looks great!

  13. No doubt about guilt here, is there. I've never heard of fall cleaning but I've been doing it, one hour a morning. I dusted the hall and dining room yesterday and today I'm mopping and waxing.

    Your house is drop dead gorgeous and doesn't look like it belongs to a farm at all!